New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]

You can also send them a PM on the forums by flagging it as “something else”. Although in that case you want to flag something that’s actually inappropriate.

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Just notice the old names of radicals has been changed! 扌 Nailbat 广 Mullet. Glad this happened :see_no_evil:

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Hello. Sorry if this has been asked before, but is there a way to only do 100 reviews at a time? On the flaming durtles android app I can set the limit to 100, but I’m not sure which userscript does this on desktop (if any).

Not sure what you mean. You can always hit the timer to finish up with 10 more items. So you could just calculate 90 and then hit the timer at that point.

Maybe I’m just not understanding the question though.

Yes, that’s one solution. A user script would be even nicer :smiley:

What I meant was to be able to set a maximum number of reviews per session.

Had a question, realized I should start a new thread. Ah well. Space for newbies to make mistakes right?


This might be what you want? Haven’t been using web-WK in a while though, only Flaming Durtles.

Perfect! Thank you very much! It’s exactly what I wanted.

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Hi, you guys! First of all, Im really happy to be a part of this community :slight_smile:
Second, my question; I recently unlocked level 6, but have not finished all of my level 5 vocabulary lessons. Is there a way that I can see which of my lessons are level 5 related and which are level 6 related?



Good question, there are “scripts” you can set up to customize your WK experience. Read this super guide: My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 ) and find his section on scripts for a good list. I’m unfortunately on iPad so I can’t use any of them :frowning:

Hope this helps!

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WaniKani automatically feeds the lessons in order by level. All of your lessons will be Level 5 vocabulary until you finish them, and then you will begin to see Level 6 radicals. Once you guru those, you will see the Level 6 Kanji. Rinse and repeat!

Currently on L2 and I know I’ve barely scratched the surface but it’s HARD. :weary:

Just wondering how long it takes to move from ‘Guru’ to ‘Master’, ‘Enlightened’, ‘Burned’? :thinking:
I feel like I’ve been repeating the same radicals/kanji that I did in L1 over and over!

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Hello there. Do u guys memorizing what reading(kun/on) are u learning in Kanji?
I just started realize idk what type I learned and sometimes, if I see a new word contained that kanji, i’m not sure, should I use the reading I learned from that KANJI, cuz sometimes there are on AND kun.
Mb I should start to have more attention on reading type that I learned from Kanji?

I reckon you get a feel for it over time. You’re better off remembering how vocabulary words are read, because that’s what you’ll use when you start forming sentences, not kanji readings in isolation.


I’m bad with technology
I want to join a leaderboard. Is there a guide on how to add yourself? Is it possible from a smartphone?
Too embarrased to ask the group because I’m sure it is simple.

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Usually for the leaderboard the associated post would be a wiki so to join it you can click on the orange pencil on the top right side of the post to bring up the edits tab (You need to be a member to edit wikis, but you’re already that so it’s fine)
and then on the bottom right you have “Edit Wiki” available
then you can just copy paste a line from another person and modify it with your info on the left panel,

just check at the end that your format is the same as the other ones in the preview on the right panel.

If it’s okay then you can save it by clicking the big blue button on the bottom left side
All of this should be possible on Mobile


Thank you soooooo much!!!

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This looks pretty interesting, I am going to go see if a search for leaderboards turns up anything that catches my eye :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m doing one called:
Level 21 before 2021.
Joiiiin me!