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Hey I don’t know if this is he right place to ask this but my community profile is showing me as level 3 - free but i’m actually level 5 lifetime sub. Is there a setting I’m missing to properly display my level?

thank you!


Logging out and in again on the forum will fix that (it did for me at least).

Question from my side (to everyone): I was planning on doing N5 in the summer, but it strikes me as too easy. Now I’ve tried some sample questions for N4, and am willing to go for that level. Outside of some grammar and vocabulary deficiencies, I am unsure about the speed at which you need to answer questions. I noticed I’m doing decently well in getting the correct answer, but it feels like every question takes >3 minutes. Are there any people with N4 (or other) experience here who can tell how high the time pressure will be during the exam?


I haven’t taken the N4, yet, just the N5, but I believe they’re similar in that you have just over a minute or so per question on average. Remember that you don’t get additional time to read reading passages, which leaves you even less than a minute per question. Also, keep in mind the listening in particular, as you will only get one chance to hear each question, then you’ll get a few seconds to answer, then the tape will quickly advance to the next question. I would highly recommend taking mock exams with a timer to practice and assess your progress.

Test times are here:

There’s some practice questions here:

The practice questions have the time allotted at the top of the pdf. Note that for the N4, the 60 minutes is for both the Grammar and Reading questions.


Thanks for the quick reply! Very useful link.


That worked, thanks!


Yeah… That’s usually how it goes. \(^o^)/


The checklist was originally designed to respond to your actions on the forum and whatnot, but then the forums were migrated to a new platform, and now you just have to wait for the checklist to go away automatically upon reaching level 2.




Hi Everyone,
I searched the forum and couldn’t really finad an answer, but I most likely haven’t searched enough…
I saw the chart that shows the SRS intervals and my understanding is:
You do a lesson, you get the quiz right away, and then a review 4h later and then 8h later etc…
But what I get is that:
Lesson then quiz right away, then a review 2h later then a review 4h later then a review 8h later etc…

I’m really confused as this won’t really allow me to do the whole 9am-9pm rythm described in the Ultimate Guide by Jprspereira.

thanks for your enlightenment!


This is correct, but levels 1 and 2 are set to be faster, so the SRS times are cut in half – that’s why you’re seeing those sooner review times


Aren’t level 1 and 2 the only fast ones? I’m almost sure level 3 is a normal one (with the normal SRS intervals) o:

My bad. It’s a detail that I completely missed! I believe that only level 1 and 2 have the intervals cut in half (so 2h instead of 4h). I will verify this with the staff and update the guide :slight_smile:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT: email sent.


Oh snap, yes I think you’re right :3 I’ll edit my post, thanks <3


When do I get a yellow belt?

...Or any kind of belt, really.


Lvl 31 :v:



Can’t I just buy it online or something?

How about Throwing Stars. Do we get those?


@MissMisc and @jprspereira,
you guy are so fast, i’m really impressed by this community! It’s really cool, thank you!

So i thought that the first two levels were shorter because of the absence of “second round” of kanji (but maybe I’m confused on that too…)
So now I get it, the first two rounds just have their SRS intervals divided by two, that makes sense.

Sorry for getting into details on this, but as a beginner there is a lot to understand about WK and its mechanics, and after I read the incredibly useful Ultimate Guide by Jprspereira I might have gotten caught up in those details :smiley:

anyway, you guys rock! :v:


Well, you’re right! Since all the radicals’ lessons are available the moment you create an account, all the kanji will be unlocked as you go on Guruing these radicals :slight_smile: There’s never a 1st batch of kanji since you have yet to guru a single radical.

For lvl 1 and 2, both the smaller intervals and only existing a single batch of kanji happen, but the reason for it to be a fast level is due to the SRS intervals. In other fast levels (lvl 41 up), what makes them being doable in half the time is the fact that you unlock 90%+ kanji the moment you level up. As you probably know, you need 90% kanji guru’d to level up. So if you follow the intervals and get them all right, you’re able to do a 3d12h level.

Speaking theoretically. In truth, maintaining this speed is hard work.

Glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:


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