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And where might I find these rules of thumb? Any resources you can link me?


Our friends at Tofugu wrote an article about it.


Thank you.


Not really but I kind of got used to « well I leveled now it’s time for 4 days of vocab before new radicals and kanji ». (Thanks for asking by the way :kissing_heart: )


I’m finally level 9, and learning my first kanji I haven’t before my reset.

Even after my first level 9 reviews I’m already seeing my accuracy drop significantly. Wish me luck :s


Hi everybody. Back in 2015 I began using WK, but I got busy since I was graduating high school and I ended up quitting WK. This year I’m taking a Japanese course and am going to try again. It seems I reached level 11 before quitting, according to my reset page :laughing: Now, before I actually go through with the reset:

If I reset, will I have to start slow in the beginning again? I’m in Week 3 on my course and was hoping to quickly refresh my kanji memory, so it may be better to just practice the first levels on my own to remeber (I can view level 1-3 and it’s almost all burned) and reset to an higher level.

  • will I more quickly be able to go through the lessons if I for example reset to lv 3-4? Instead of going back to lv 1 and then have to start over with the radicals?


This info from my Guide to WK might be useful to you:

This might be your best bet in terms of knowing the right level to reset to. I also recommend checking the guide itself. Since 2015, a lot has changed on WK and the guide will keep you updated with the best tips :ok_hand:


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