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Oh… somehow I completely did not see that.


do lessons work in a similar fashion?
I have 42 new ones ( I am level 2 for half day already and not 1 how it appears here) but I dont have time to see them all in one full session. Can I split them somehow?


Lessons should be split into groups of five by default, and give you the option to jump out or continue in between. To check what yours is set to, from your Dashboard, go Menu -> Settings -> Lesson batch sizing.


Since WaniKani uses SRS, I should not be reviewing radicals,kanji, etc. on my own before my scheduled reviews. Is that correct?


Right before? No, you shouldn’t. However, what I do is reviewing to myself all learned items 10 to 20 minutes after learning them. That helps me a lot with the actual memorization of the items and it won’t be a problem SRS wise.

Also, imagine that you’re reading something in Japanese, you see a word, and then you get it on SRS. I don’t think you should consider that as cheating. You can’t predict what words you’re going to find and exposure is still overall worth more than SRS :slight_smile:

Hope it was clear enough :v:


Hi! I started learning the kanji and vocabulary, simultaneously writing the new kanji and vocabulary in a big notebook. But I’m not very good at it however. Do you guys write in the radicals as well ? Or just kanji and vocabulary ? Can anyone give me some examples of how to structure my notebook ?


Not so new, but I have two questions which I’ve been trying to find the answers to from googling and searching the forums:

  1. In the forums, how do I set a title (as in, the bit of text that appears next to the username in the forums). I found a year old thread on the topic which said it was under ‘Preferences’, but this is all I can see:
  2. How does one increase their trust level in the forums? As in, in order to get the regular badge.

Thank you :slight_smile:

  1. You need a badge with a title attached to be able to set a title. You get badges from being active on the forums. The drop-down list will be under the profile picture settings.

  2. By being active on the forums. These are the defaults


Thanks for the reply!

Right, so the reason I’m not getting the option is because I have yet to earn any badges that have titles? I swear I would have unlocked at least one by now, but that makes sense. So once I earn one that has a title, the option will show up under ‘Profile Picture’ and above ‘Recently Used Devices’ from my screenshot in my last post?

Ah it’s in the last 100 days, my days visited is only 94, so that makes sense.



I believe only golden badges and custom badges (such as durtles) have titles.

See (most of) the available badges here



Thank you. :slight_smile:
I better get durtling then, haha. :slight_smile:


It says I levelled up, but I haven’t accessed any form of skill tree.

Where can I put points into Radical perception?


Just finished the first level - by far the most structured and entertaining way of learning Kanji I’ve tried so far.

Edit: Got ahead of myself there. Nearly finished.


YES, shuffled is what @Juliette should use, and if that’s not slow enough, xMunch’s Ultimate Reorder Script to make sure she doesn’t do kanji towards the end of the level.

Since it’s been about a month, I’m curious, Juliette if you got it working the way you were hoping and if you’re feeling less intimidated/demotivated?


(I know this is late, but I think he used spaces between the Japanese characters.)


I might be mistaken, but ltsu also works for getting it on its own っ。ye!


Hello. I have a question for you veterans, do you guys learn the stroke order of the kanji you learn?


Not especially, but once you get a hang of the standard rules, it’s pretty easy to make an educated guess.


Yeah, it’s not especially important to get it exactly or anything, but if you write often enough, you want to be following the general rules of thumb for stroke order.


Well that was a quick reply! So I can basically ignore stroke orders for now?