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Possible to master? Sure. But look at it like this - whatever you learn is more than zero, and it’s fun. It’s like doing crossword puzzles or whatever else people do, but you get something lasting out of it. So don’t shoot for ‘master’, shoot for ‘more than yesterday’. Then just keep doing that, when you can.

By the way, your English isn’t any worse than a whole lot of people here who have been successful. (In fact, to be honest, I wouldn’t have known it wasn’t your first language from your post if you hadn’t said so.) And the forum people are friendly, so get involved as much as you’re comfortable with - it’s easier to keep it up when you have friends doing the same thing.



Hello there again. As I said before, I can recognise hiragana and katakana slowly but surely. Should I start practice writing them down to memorise the stroke order before digging into kanji ? I tried a few vowels and they looks really bad x))


Recognition is all you need to get started. Recall will come with time and practice, but there’s no need to hold back on learning Kanji for it


I’ve read on some god-forgotten site that writing is not as important as the ability to read. Sounds false as for me.


I didn’t say it’s not important, just that you don’t need to know how to write it to begin with kanji


If you’re like me, learning to write may reinforce the recognition, so I used Anki decks for hiragana/katakana when I was learning them. Now I have a WK-ordered Anki writing deck for kanji that supplements my WK study.


Writing is objectively less important than reading. That doesn’t mean it can’t be helpful. It’s just that reading will always be the thing that you can do better and can get more benefit from.


hello guys, just wanna say I’m new here xD


Hello there, welcome!


Why did I get my congrats email for reaching level 2, when I reached level 3? Is level 2 the new level 3? I’m a bit perplexed…


Level 3 is the new Level 2…

A long, long time ago, only levels 1 and 2 were free.

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Some of the automation should be fixed, I guess. XD


LOL! Thanks!