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Hi. I have been using WK for almost 2 weeks now and as I was doing the Vocab lesson, I came accross 女の子 (girl) and 女子 (girl)… What is the difference between the two??? I’m confused @.@


You’re not alone, so maybe these will help.


Thank you so much for that link… I’m stuck on the current lesson because I can’t stop thinking about the difference between those two lol… You saved me :grin::grin:


I have another question :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: What is the difference between 会えて嬉しいです,
どうぞよろしく and はじめまして ?? As far as I remember, all of those three means “Nice/Pleased to meet you”… But why three different ways to say it?


はじめまして is the standard thing you say to someone the first time you ever meet them.

どうぞよろしく is difficult to translate literally, but it’s not restricted to meeting someone the first time.

会えてうれしいです is literally “I am happy that we could meet.” You could say it any time you meet someone (meet, as in, see them in person)

I think the main thing to take away from this is… it’s perfectly normal for any language to have many phrases that can be used in any given situation. There are many more that would be appropriate in the first meeting with someone, because it would be kind of odd if everyone was limited to expressing themselves in exactly one way in that type of scenario.

And also, keep in mind that when things get translated into English, they’re going to funnel the specifics into broad strokes. Going the other direction, you could say “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance” and it would be normal to see that translated into Japanese as はじめまして、よろしくお願いします. Even though there’s nothing literally equivalent in either phrase.


Hi! How are y’all?


@Leebo Thank you!! Your explanation helped me clear my confusion again… You’re always answering my questions :smile::smile:


Uhhhh, how do you type the small tsu? i’m doing vocabulary LV 1 and I thought I’d come and ask before I get into trouble.


You can type it on its own with xtsu or ltsu, but that’s not necessary usually.

For instance, if you wanted to type がっこう, you type gakkou and the doubled up k’s would produce a small tsu in front of them.

Whenever you double up a letter, it makes a small tsu in front of that resulting character.

Level 1 has 八つ, right? Typing yattsu will give you やっつ


Hello! I’m happy to be here! I’m excited to fill some gaps within my Japanese language such as radicals, and on’yomi readings of kanji!


Hey guys, I’m kinda stuck, I haven’t even done my first lesson.

When I go to lessons I just get a static page, when I go to levels there’s just an overview of the radicals, I can examine them, but how do I move on from there? The FAQ says you’re supposed to get a quiz? There’s no “complete” buttons anywhere I can see…


Step 1:

Step 2:

Let me know if everything works out this time :slight_smile:


Ohhhhh I see, the problem was I’m blind. :slight_smile: Thanks for the help @jprspereira


Any time :slight_smile:


こんにちは!私は Marijn. Will Wanikani teach me how to use chopsticks like a pro?


I know @MikaelBaka can. Welcome!


Sure I can! 50 bucks a lesson.


If that’s gonna prevent my noodles from splashing aromatic broth onto my clothes then I’ll take it!!!


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Hello there!
I am fairly new on the website and on Japanese in general. I’m a University student, first year, very confused about everything. I guess I decided to learn the language because it’s completely new and it gets me out of my comfort zone and makes me feel strange in a good way. I learned (well, it took me 3 days to do so, but I can recall all hiragana and katakana; I am slow at it and I guess it’s because I’ve only studied it for little time) the two main alphabets already and I’m thinking about digging into kanji. But here’s what I’m concerned about. My mother tongue isn’t English, although I am fairly good at it, and I’m not even studying in my mother tongue now. I’m attending an Italian University. My concern is that with all Uni first year struggles and the naive idea that I can learn a language even though I’m not fairly good at the other ones I already know - will get me down and result in me quitting. My self discipline isn’t good either, but I’m trying my best to improve it. Is it possible, for a mess like myself, to master a language so difficult and to understand a culture so different, while not having my own complete understanding of - well, anything really.
I’m sorry if the text above is confusing and for the quantity of words, but I’m very lonely and this is the most communication I get.
Thank you.