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if you get a guru item wrong how far back does it drop? does it go right back to the start?



If you get a guru+ wrong once, it will go down 2 SRS levels. An apprentice item will go down 1 SRS level.


This is really cool, thank you!


Hello! Nice to see you made it to level 2! ^^


Hello everyone,

These forums are rather confusing to me, especially since technology and I don’t get along. (I know shocker right? A somewhat younger person that doesn’t get along with technology) looking forward to learning!


No, not at all, since we don’t know your age


I guess I could have supplied that, I’m 27. I currently live in Hawaii and have just started learning Japanese within the past month. Giving the first two levels a shot to see if this is something that will work for me.
Thanks for inquiring!


Welcome @draxle3 ! Hope you enjoy your stay on Wanikani and I hope to see you around throughout the next year. Feel free to interact with the community and ask for help in case you need it :slight_smile: We’re here to do so.


Aloha drazle3: I hope you and your loved ones are OK despite the storms.
I also just started learning Japanese this year but notice that WaniKani only does Kanji and vocabulary for grammar, listening comprehension, etc… you need some other source.


dont know if i missed the explanation or if its not been explained yet but whats the hyphen in this word mean…


is it the kanji for 1? but I’m not sure why that would be in the vocab for marble?



It lengthens the vowel sound of the preceding character.


With hiragana, a vowel sound is lengthened with more kana, like ああ、おう、えい.

With katakana, instead of more kana, they have the dash. It just means “take the vowel from the preceding kana, and make it longer.” ビー玉 is basically pronounced like びい玉.


Hello WK! I’m brand new here and brand new to learning Japanese (maybe…2 weeks of serious study). I know hiragana and katakana but that’s about it.

My question is…do you think it’s too early to start learning kanji? Should I cover grammar basics first? or does WaniKani start out slow enough that I can multitask?

Some background that may or may not be relevant: My job requires me to move to Japan in May 2019. They’re telling me that Japanese language knowledge will not be necessary, but I feel like it would be helpful outside of my work-life if I’m going to be living there (Toyama) for 1-3 years.

Any thoughts?


Well, the creator of this site says that reaching level 10 here before you even start using a textbook is what he recommends, though I think a lot of people would disagree slightly on the timing.

My main concern with going straight into kanji is that it’s going to be hard to memorize the readings, because you don’t have a framework yet, so everything will just be mostly random strings of sounds.


Helpful. Thank you.


All is well. Our island wasn’t hit at all, just some rain.
THat’s quite alright, I was learning German before however I learned all the grammar just fine, it was the vocabulary which was preventing me from progressing. That’s why I’m trying to tackle the vocabulary earlier. I have Genki for grammar and such (hopefully it helps).
Thank you for checking in!


How does one even introduce oneself in a forum?

Why is WaniKani so fast?
Do not give me a sect name.


Could someone verify this or correct it for me? Thank you :sparkling_heart:

If I do a review, its next appearance time will be rounded to the hour, using :30 as the rounding up/down midpoint.


It always rounds down to the start of the hour that you finished the specific item’s review (i.e. when both reading and meaning are done for that item).


Ah, thank you very much! Good to know.