New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]


20 lessons a day sounds like a good pace to me. Some people learn differently than others.

I’ve been at it for shoot, possibly close to 3 years now, and I’m only level 16. Life happens too.
However, if you’re going to continue at that pace, (and it’s comfortable), I’d recommend getting Lifetime to save yourself some cash - if you have that much upfront, anyway.

You may want to spend more time on your lessons before you do the final quiz at the end of them - this will slow your lessons down but hopefully make them stick better when it comes up during your reviews.

We’re cheering for you!


Website seems great! One question, how long do I have to wait till I can do the next lesson?


I just now realized that there are badges. It seems I haven’t completed the new user tutorial yet. What do I have to do for that? I can’t find an option to show the tutorial again? I think I need an introduction thread?


You’ll get kanji lessons when you answer radicals correctly four times in a row.

@Pashmina That was done through @WaniMekani, who is now disabled, meaning you can’t get that badge anymore.


Nooo… cries in completionist


There are a few other badges you can’t get as well

  • Certified
  • New User of The Month
  • Licensed
  • promoter
  • Campaigner
  • Champion
  • Leader

These so hard to get that no one has them yet

  • Good share
  • Great share

And ten or less people have these

  • Devotee
  • Famous link
  • Durtcat
  • Durtjovah’s witness
  • Hungry durtle
  • Noice durtle
  • Officer durtle
  • Stabby durtle
  • Megane durtle
  • Long arms durtle
  • Somewhat durtverted
  • Durtle the explorer
  • Vin durtle
  • Yellow rodent durtle

Also there are a few badges which aren’t even listed

  • Angry aya
  • High touch
  • Durtle worshipper (former durtle loyalist)
  • Angry mami
  • I think there are more, but I don’t remember


Here’s a forum-help request message!
In the box where you type all the replies for the forums, all of the editing options are greyed-out and un-clickable.
Bold, italics, quotations, bullet points, emoji etc… I can’t click on any of them.
Has anyone else run into this?


They’re grey, but clickable. if you know markdown, that's what is used to format as a workaround.


If you’d read my post again, you’d notice that I said they are UNclickable for me. I haven’t just been staring at them, willing them to work. I have actually tried (everyday, in fact) clicking on them.
I guess I will need to look into markdown then. Thanks for the tip.


I haven’t heard of a problem like this before… though I confess that the quote button (the talk-bubble icon) is the only one I’ve used.

Can you post a screen capture? Maybe that will give someone a clue about what’s going wrong.


I left my cursor over the emoji button to show how it doesn’t change. (apparently it doesn’t show up on the screenshot though, typical!)
All, grey, all unclickable >.>


What is that green refresh thingy in the lower right of the comment box? Maybe some browser extension is blocking your controls.


It was the Grammarly check extension! Thank you! I hadn’t even thought of that because it’s not negatively affected any other website I’ve used. I’ve turned it off and it’s now working perfectly. :tada:


Interestingly, it seems to be a known issue at both Discourse (the forum software company) and Grammarly.

At the end of that thread, someone said it was fixed now. Maybe it has come back again, but also maybe check if you are running the latest version of Grammarly.


Looks like Firefox in the screenshot, maybe it’s only fixed on Chrome.




i am happy to start using wanikani for my japanese


Can anybody tell me how I tick off tis box: Say hello in the Community Chat. on the checklist ?


I think it will disappear after you reach level 2.


Hello. Glad to be here.