New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]


Hello and welcome to WaniKani! :sparkling_heart:


I can also confirm that it’s a real offer (unless you consider our postcards and doodles junk mail, in which case, that hurts :cry: )

Welcome @tomsihap!


:blush: I’ve noticed that a lot of people have a biography kind of thing on their forum profile… how do I add it? Where can I find it? :sparkles:
Under my profile settings I can only see Location, Web Site, Profile Background, User Card Background, User Card Badge and Date of Birth~


I think it’s imported from your wanikani profile when you first log into the forums. I don’t know if it stays synced.


@bladepoint is right, it get’s pulled from your general WaniKani info. I don’t think you can actually edit it from within the the forum itself, but you can change it over in your account>profile settings.


It stays synced, so you’re not locked into to whatever the description happened to be when you first signed in. You should be able to add/change it at any time :slight_smile:


Nevermind! It worked although the username isn’t the same! :sunny::sparkles:


How the heck did you do that?? Aren’t forum and WK usernames supposed to be connected?


I’m not sure…:sparkles:
In short, my WK account belonged to someone else before and they didn’t use it, so I adopted it for my own needs. When I logged in and went to the forum though, it didn’t recognise the older account and auto-generated another account… so I have two usernames :blush::sunny::sparkles:


You can email the staff to have your username changed on the forums. Helpful if you have an embarrassing or inappropriate name


It’s a hassle to open my email and actually mail them… I wish there was a messaging system on WK that would allow me to do that~ :sparkles:
So I’m alright with ‘unyuu1’:heavy_heart_exclamation: Maybe someday I’ll get it sorted out so the forum account and WK account would match :blush:~


So your username here is unyuu1 but your WK name is unyuu? Interesting. I wonder how that glitch happened. You may be the first person on here with 2 WK names. A special one you are, indeed. :wink:


Exactly :sparkles:
It’s really cute, isn’t it?

I’m out of likes for the next 6 hours…what is this torture…


I’m out of likes, too. I feel bad for not giving you any right now. How about some cake, instead? My treat.


I bookmark all of the posts I want to like and mass like them when I get likes again… this is my strategy.


Y’know, people sometimes ask why the “like” limit isn’t higher. Maybe our hearts were just born three sizes too small…



The forums are also a lot busier now, I feel. So many conversations, so few likes.

Tell you what, For my overflow, I’ll get you to like things for me. Deal?


We need more love :sparkling_heart::sparkles:~
Thanks everyone for helping me! Now my biography is perfect! I love it :sparkles:


My retinas!


I don’t understand the problem. I never run out of likes.