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I’m level 2 now, and I had review where was level 1 kanji, and it asked onyomi writing only :confused: So it is important to learn onyomis and kunyomi writing when Im learning throught wanikani?

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When you’re learning kanji, yes.

Edit: Both on’yomi and kun’yomi are important for different things. Kun’yomi is usually for standalone kanji, like 山 やま. And on’yomi is usually for compounds, like 富士山 ふじさん. Afair.

WaniKani does tell you which one you need to learn at the time, so you don’t need to worry about learning all of the readings (sometimes there are a few) when you first encounter a kanji, since you will learn them with certain vocabulary.

That’s the way WaniKani works, and it works well enough.

Hope this answers your question. :slight_smile:

Thank you! When I started study level 1 kanji and only them it was easy to remember. But now week after when im level 2 and wanikani ask level 1 kanji in reviews I cant remember those anymore. I think I focused vocabylary writing too much and thats why its hard to remember kanji writing.

Is there way to reset my wanikani so I could start all over again? Or should I just go to level 1 kanjis and start practising those.

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There is, you can reset, though I don’t remember exactly how, it’s in the account settings.

I wouldn’t say you should, since you’re barely level 2.

Not remembering is the point of the system, that’s why the ones you remember get spaced out further away and the ones you don’t remember return quickly.

Unless you’re not remembering anything, I’d suggest keeping at it and taking the reviews as they come. You can always review them during the reviews :stuck_out_tongue: (after inputting what you think is right and getting them wrong), or check the kanji page when you’re unsure about something. As long as you don’t check just before a review, it doesn’t interfere with the system.

Kanji is hard at first, but you’ll ideally start getting used to it and how readings and everything work.

Also, for the system to work, you have to actually get things wrong when you don’t know them, not just look them up and answer them right. Just in case you didn’t want to “make mistakes”.

I mostly mention this because you said you want to start all over again, but if you really didn’t remember the things you’re being asked, you should basically be at the start with the kanji you’re having trouble with.

Did you check out the introduction page where it says how the stages work and all that?


I use Wanikani on my phone, the Flaming Durtles app, and there is a self study option where you can choose all the parameters. In your case I would do a self study for all kanjis level 1 for example, and I would try to apply the mnemonics that they give (or my own), it really does wonder to remember things.

There’s a self study function in the site as well, I’ve heard.

So my year-long subscription just ran out and I’ve been teleported back to level 3 for now it looks like. What will happen to my incoming reviews etc on my actual level, which was 24? Will it treat my account like it’s in vacation mode until my subscription is renewed?.

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I think it automatically goes into vacation mode.

Any news on etoeto/textfugu/koichi’s grammar thing?

Nope. My guess is WK will implement double check before Etoeto is ever heard from again, though I’d love to be proven wrong.

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What’s that about wanikani introducing double check? Is that some meme I don’t get?

The assumption is that WK is highly unlikely to add functionality similar to the Double-Check script, which lets you change your answers. So, @alo is saying it’s even less likely that EtoEto will happen… which is probably technically true since Tofugu wasn’t happy with what EtoEto was shaping up to be, so whatever they come up with for grammar will likely be something different.


Yeah, sorry, my fault for assuming it was common knowledge. @rfindley ’s response has you covered.

Yeah I think in the case of Double Check they may have officially said it was something they wouldn’t implement but I’m not sure.

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I can’t login to my Wanikani dashboard. Anyone else having this problem??

What happens if you click the Dashboard link at the top of this page?

Some people mentioned DNS problems with the shorter URL, but for me the link at the top works fine.

sends me to the same “server cannot find site” almost like I was trying to open the webpage with no internet

Weird, yeah, both work for me.

I don’t really know much about how DNS problems work. Maybe resetting your router could fix it if the problem isn’t with the site itself (since it doesn’t seem to be).

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Hi. I am very new to Wanikani. I just learned the first few kanji here. I got some reviews today and while I knew most of the kanji readings I could not for the life of me remember the reading for “above”. Of course this happens, but the Review session didn’t provide me with any hints, let me skip this one nor let me view the item info even 20 or so guesses in. I had to cheat to get out of the session screen and now that kanji is in “critical condition” (a bit dramatic tbh). Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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after you fail (or for that matter, nail) a lesson, you have the opportunity, to open the information panel at the bottom. There you should be able to see the reading inf

Just click on the eye symbol, or press f as a shortcut


Hm, I was pretty sure it was greyed out the whole time. Maybe I only looked at it when it asked for the answer anew.