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I think you can specificly exclude levels from the calculation if it bothers you. Though resetting at this stage wouldn’t throw you back much so either one is fine probably.

Welcome back and welcome to the community!


There are a few quirks still lingering in the code that creates those graphs. If you want to send me your API key (, I’ll see if I can figure out next week what’s going on.

It looks like once I guru’d my level 2 radicals the level up estimate time on Tsurukame fixed itself so hopefully the one on wkstats will do the same once I hit level three and I can save having to reset!

Thank you for the warm welcome back!

Enjoy it while it lasts - it’ll unfix each level-up until it gives you minimum time after radical guru (issue #455 I believe)

That’s not a reason to reset though, mine was about 45 days before guruing L37 radicals 2 hours ago; it’s not that big of a deal

Userscript Help

My laptop that I was doing most of my WK reviews on just stopped working and I am now using a different computer, I only had 2 userscripts installed on that laptop (if you count open framework if not just one which was Double-Check) When trying to re-install it on this device I just can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve installed Tampermonkey installed the open framework (and set it to the top spot) and then installed DC (Double-Check) it didn’t work so I deleted them all and re-installed them. It didn’t work again so I reset my API key and deleted everything again and then reinstalled it all it still didn’t work. I’m at a loss for what to try at this point. I attached a video of me doing all these steps again, so if you notice something I did wrong please point it out :)

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When you go into reviews, does double check (and wkof) show up as active (does the tampermonkey icon have a 2 next to it)?
If yes, when in a review session, open up the debug console (F12 or Ctrl + Shift + I, and select the console tab). Does it have an error in it? Screenshot it if it does.


Thank you :D

I knew what to do once I saw the error I had an extension blocking the ajax google APIs. So I had to turn that off. Thanks for the help :)


I may be missing something but I can’t seem to find March (三月) in WaniKani’s vocab or search bar. I only noticed because I was going through each month in the vocab and adding the shorthand version of each (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.) to make it faster to answer and it seems odd to not see it included.

Well, there’s no reason to include every month, especially those that aren’t different reading than number + がつ.

This seems to be all of them: WaniKani / Search results for 月

1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 10.


As you go up in levels, wanikani will stop doing a bunch of numbers for each counter vocab, instead it will mainly show you examples that 1. Show you how the counter is without it modifying (like with 二階) and 2. Will show you if it rendakus with the regular 168 group (一階)


As two others have said, they already covered a few of them so it is pretty self-explanatory. During your lessons, you might have seen the word “Jukugo” being thrown about a lot.

Jukugo explanation

Jukugo words are when there are no Kana attached and it’s only Kanji, then you know, generally, to use the On’yomi readings. There are exceptions but none that occur within the months, so as long as you know the On’yomi readings for 1 to 10, and you know the On’yomi reading for “month” then you can work out all of the readings.

I think this is the reason that I think they don’t cover every month.


Months English Hiragana Kanji
January ichi-gatsu いちがつ 一月
February ni-gatsu にがつ 二月
March san-gatsu さんがつ 三月
April shi-gatsu しがつ 四月
May go-gatsu ごがつ 五月
June roku-gatsu ろくがつ 六月
July shichi-gatsu しちがつ 七月
August hachi-gatsu はちがつ 八月
September ku-gatsu くがつ 九月
October jyuu-gatsu じゅうがつ 十月
November jyuu-ichi-gatsu じゅういちがつ 十一月
December jyuu-ni-gatsu じゅうにがつ 十二月