New mnemonic word for きょ and きょう

Since Wanikani uses Kyoto for the mnemonics for both きょ and きょう I am having a hard time recalling the correct pronunciation, often forgetting “Little Kyoto” and only remembering Kyoto for both. I was wondering if anyone else in the community has come up with a good substitute for one of the uses Kyotos, or have a good idea of a Pokemon related term that can work instead as that is my go to for mnemonic words like using Koga instead of こういち (sorry Kouichi) but I am stumped for きょ or きょう.


I’d probably use Kyogre because of the spelling, but I know it’s pronounced differently. I just played the game a lot before ever hearing the name out loud. :sweat_smile:


Great idea, I even looked through the pokedex looking for pokemon that could fit for this and after not finding any I decided to ask here. It wasn’t even one of the pokemon that were excluded in recent games so I have no idea how I over looked Kyogre. Thank you for the suggestion unless someone else comes up with an even better suggestion I will definitely use it.

Update: It is working great for me even more perfect since several of the きょ words use the giant radical 臣 and Kyogre is the giant whale pokemon.


You could use 今日 as the mnemonic for きょう and something totally different for きょ. The Kyoto thing is a bit of a misfire :sweat_smile:.

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I make up my own mnemonics for a lot of items, but this one I use out of the box.
My mental picture of “little Kyoto” is literally a tiny model city with someone in a Godzilla costume stomping on it - that might help distinguish it from ‘regular’ Kyoto.

きょう works fine as a person’s name.

きょ is mentioning that name get paused by surprise. It’s the imposter!

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