New mnemonic for 田舎 / いなか? (Countryside - level 35)

(I am not level 35 yet, though.)

“in なか” makes me think いんなか, so instead how about this:

“There are a lot of game shows on the countryside, so maybe you could win a car!”

If you’re wondering why the “W” is bold, that’s because this mnemonic doubles as a mnemonic for
いなか and the older pronunciation, “winaka”. It changed because of the /w/ sound drift, explained in Tofugu’s Japanese Verb Conjugation Groups article.

It sounds confusing? I tried reading 田舎 and “win a car” and I see zero similarities.


That sounds like いんあかる or even ういんあかる. I think the mnemonic requires a word with “na” in it. If they’re going to change it, it might be better to be like the one in WaniKani / Kanji / 稲

People with academic interest might like to know that it used to be pronounced ゐなか but I don’t think it helps with memorizing the word.


There is a small part of me that wants to be able to type in ゐ and ゑ for words just to keep them straight in my mind. I know there’s very rarely modern-day application, but… I just think it’s cool. For whatever reason it always comes to mind when I see the 胃 character :man_shrugging:

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