New lessons resetting?

hey, is anyone else experiencing this? whether i use the website or the flaming durtles app, i’ll do a set of 5 lessons and complete them, but then it says those lessons are still there and makes me do them again. it only started today when i got a set of 21 to do after progressing with my reviews a bit more


Seems to be a bug right now:

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Yes it is resetting

thank god i’m not the only one, i just posted my own post about this :sweat_smile: hopefully crab sama will take care of us as crab sama always does

It should be fixed now!


Thanks for your prompt fixing of the issue! ^>^

I just ran into the issue, so I don’t believe it is fixed.

Not for me, my 65 lessons done one hour ago are still in the inbox. Too late for today, but looks like I will have to do them again…

By inbox do you mean your dashboard…?
We fixed it about an hour ago so I’m wondering if you did them just before we fixed it. Can you try 1 or 2 lessons and see the number changes and they get moved to your reviews?

We’ll take a look at your account now. @warstolrem Do you have any screenshots of your dashboard after your lessons? And have you tried clearing your browser cache as well?

I’ve cleared them, but I did have to do the lesson 3 times.

Thanks for the update. Let us know if the next time you do lessons, it gets stuck again.

Thank you,
It is fine. I had not realized I had to go through them again anyway :wink:

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Finally, I thought I was the only one and I think with this kind of reaction, the devs will surely fix it now. I know that there are a lot of people on here who are interested in these lessons and it is a shame that there are bugs that dampen the experience. I know that there will be some irate supporters of the app but when things need to be called out, it needs to be called out on a public platform. This will pressure them to fix the app and hopefully, help us in the future because this has become a regular part of people’s daily lives. Hopefully, there are no problems in the future in this case.

You can always tag @Mods here on the forum if you’re facing some technical issues, send us a chat on the website, or email us. We don’t want our users to be blocked from using our site either, so don’t worry, we won’t just be leaving a bug like this alone. We have dedicated full-time staff that wants to make sure users can do lessons and reviews without any issues.

We’ve fixed the issue a few days ago but we’re also pushing out a few more fixes as well today.

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