New iOS app

haawa said...
leneux said... Started using it today. Just wanted to pass on my thanks, it's a nice app and you've worked hard to make the WK experience simple and beautiful.

I do have the old app for comparison, I miss lightning mode but to be honest it's going to be really nice for people without the app to have a working version. That's the most important thing.

Love the notifications - this is the most important feature for me. 

Nice work - the important features of WK are there. As you've just started this project I hope others can cut you some slack on the feature requests, because it's a great first pass.
 Thanks for kind words. ^ __ ^
As someone who never used "lighting mode", could you please provide more info and a link to script or pretty much anything, so that I could start some investigation on how to integrate that into the app? 
The more info the bigger chances it will make it to the app!  Thnx :)
This plugin  has something build in that sorts the reviews. You can reorder, but the lightning part is probably the trick where enter on input brings you to the next item. Also the grouping of meaning and reading makes it faster. Although I make more errors without the script, as I am now used to enter the pairs directly after each other. So without the script and good attention, I mess up my reviews on other devices.