New hotkeys stopped working

Hitting E/F after failing an item in a review no longer brings up the kanji/reading details. When I hit these keys it instead shows “undefined” in the textbox. Interestingly if the textbox was expecting Japanese, it says “うんでふぃねd” :sweat_smile:

Anyone else having this issue?

The only userscript I’m running is Wanikani Double-Check, dunno if that’s relevant but you never know with coding.


Having this issue too even for correct items. E/F/D all add a ‘d’ to the end of my answers or sometimes changes it to ‘undefined’. I’m also using double-check (as well as a bunch of other ones).

This has recently come up in the Double-Check thread too, so it’s probably worth reporting your findings there.

Seems to be an issue with double check.

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