New here and can't figure out where things are

Hello I’ve very new here and I really like this app and its concept but it’s really confusing to navigate.

What things are you having trouble finding?

Have you read the FAQ and guide?


Try being more specific and I’m sure we will be happy to help you. also This might also help.

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@Anewfoundsydney It be useful if you were able to post what things you find difficult. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of many of the bug reports that come into IT.
“Help, site don’t work. Please fix” …k, thanks for the details. Real helpful.


@DaisukeJigen yeah. I’m regularly on StackOverflow, and people post questions like that all the time there. It gets super frustrating.

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I guess I wasn’t really posing a question, just an observatory experience, it will just take me a minute to get used to the layout.

Ah right. Sorry you feel lost.

:point_up:Remember you can ask questions here.

“My computer’s broken, how come?”

Good question, perfect even; just the right amount of vague with the liberal sprinkling of entitlement and obliviousness. Definitely an end-user.

The most… annoying thing in my office (since I’m pretty much the IT guy.) that I hear is “Why isn’t this working?”

“Why isn’t what working?”

I’ve asked this hundreds of times by now…


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Maybe the New People thread under Requesting Help would be a good place to start? I think I will be leisurely browsing that category myself.