New feature: confirm on lesson exit

Hi, there’s been more than a few times where I’m almost done learning a kanji when I accidentally hit the back button on my mouse. Why’s there no confirmation that I want to leave the page? Now I have to refresh a hundred times and hope the kanji I learned pops back up.


More than a few times did I pressed the ‘backspace’ button on my keyboard, to instantly lose the kanji and vocabs I just learned…

I agree, if not a confirmation on exit, at least disable backspace?

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What browser are you using? I know a couple years ago Chrome was updated to not do this on Backspace because so many people did it by accident…


I miss this behaviour

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Firefox. I actually like this feature on normal websites. Just not on WK when I’m doing lessons :smile:


Yes! It’s one of the things that really turned me off Windows7 when it came out (which did the same to IE).

As for the OP: I’ve had this, but I don’t worry about it too much. Whatever time I invested isn’t wasted because the lesson will come back shortly, if not today then tomorrow or something.
At the same time, it shouldn’t be difficult to implement a confirmation.

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I don’t understand your issue. Quite often I close the lessons and then reopen them again. They come in the same order. So I only need to skip a few until I get back to the one I was viewing last.

What is your lesson ordering setting?
And what’s your batch size?

I use “Ascending level then subject” lesson order. I don’t see a point in suffling lessons.

I have this issue sometimes. The worst is having to use a web based SSH session and then pressing Ctrl-W to delete word in bash or change buffers in Vim and then it closes the page.

So what I do is go into the console first and put something like the following so that I get the confirmation box come up first.

window.onbeforeunload = function() { return "Really?" }

It wouldn’t take much for someone to knock up a user script to do that for the lessons page.

However I think I agree with @d-hermit. It would be easiest to switch your lesson order to something predictable so that you’ll get the same lessons again if you have to refresh the page.

Mine is already set to ascending level, then subject. I keep my batch size low when I’m just trying to find a few kanjis mixed in with the vocab (3). Had to refresh it at least 20-30 times to refind the one that got away.

Are you using a script? If you were just using regular WaniKani on the settings you specified, you wouldn’t be able to “find” any specific lessons, because they’d always come in the same order.

Just have the reorder script installed, but I only use it sometimes when I think I can really handle several kanjis at once, or when I want to focus only on the vocab available.

Just by having it installed you are likely messing with the intended WaniKani order, which is why you don’t get the same items when you leave the page and come back. Based on what you’ve said in the thread, I think the Lesson Filter script would suit your needs much better. It allows you to learn radicals, kanji, and vocab together or separate as desired, and it was specifically designed to adhere to WaniKani’s order by default.


Hmm, seems like a nice addon for me, since I’m usually too tired to handle multiple kanjis in the morning. Had to keep refreshing before hoping got just one kanji to show up in the batch.

Installed it and confirm they’re giving me the same lessons in my order now. Thanks!


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