New discovery

What the heck, I read all of the mnemonics and suddenly I can remember all of the kanji and their reading after only going through them once :thinking:

Reading the mnemonics might take a bit more time (and focus), but it’s very much worth it since you’ll save time and brainpower during reviews since you won’t have to just hope that your passive memory can save you from failure (for the 5th review in a row).


What were you doing before? And yes, reading the mnemonics and taking the time to close your eyes and try to visualize them really helps. It also helps a lot if you write them out while thinking of the mnemonic.

This always felt silly to me, so I never did it. I’d read the mnemonic once and move on. Not surprisingly that resulted in the mnemonics being less useful for me, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do more.


Dance Close your eyes and memorise a mnemonic like nobody’s watching.


I also rarely did this unless I was having trouble with a particular kanji but it does really work. I used it a lot when I learned to write kanji after finishing Wanikani last year.

Lessons are better done when you are focused. I always write new kanji 1 or 2 times while doing lessons, but I usually have been neglecting the mnemonics.

Visualizing does make a lot of sense! I’ll try that as well.

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