New Content not so Optional After All

Same, I’ve always been annoyed when I’ve learned the KUN reading while learning the Kanji, especially when the ON is actually required in some vocab.

If all we were using this tool for was to get to 60 in WK, and we were done, the old way would be fine, but we are using this tool to learn how to read Japanese, and the real world doesn’t care how often a reading is used in WKs vocabulary list, it’s going to pop where used regardless. I’d much rather take the time to learn the ON reading here in a way that my brain can easily categorize it, rather than have to be confronted with exceptions that I have to look up in the wild to understand native material, when I’m expecting to already know it.

If the ON reading is only ever used for some obscure word that has to do with cleaning a temple or opening an ancient chest the right way, fair enough, but if it’s even used in one word that pops up semi-regularly, I want to learn the ON here so my brain can categorize it correctly.

I do hate the fact that they are changing the mnemonics and radicals, especially as I have put a lot of work in coming up with visualizations for many of them, but I’ll take the hit, if it’s more user friendly for the multitudes of people who are unfamiliar with American pop culture.