New and Improved Wallpaper Generator

Oo, yeah good idea. I’ll see what I can do. (I’m not promising any big update soon, but maybe eventually).

Are you already using multiple monitors for your setup? I have instructions on the site if you’re not doing that already. It might be nice to split the kanji across the three monitors so that each kanji can appear larger.

No worries :slight_smile:

I couldn’t figure out how to get Tasker to import an xml file properly (I ran into the same issues you had), so I recorded a video to show you how to add a task manually. Sorry the audio is really quiet.
Tasker auto wallpaper - YouTube

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If this is the level of customer support you provide, let me know if you have a commercial product. If it’s something I have a need for, I’d be interested to see what you have to offer!

Thanks a million!


Lol, thank you! I used to sell stuff on Etsy, but I recently got hired fulltime for computer programming, so I’m not selling anything online anymore. I appreciate the sentiment though :slight_smile:

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In addition to the above:

  • Random Mode - Picks some number of ‘learned’ vocabulary completely at random to display.
  • Level Mode - Displays only vocabulary from level(s) specified (Apprentice, Guru, etc (not numeric levels))
  • Torture Mode - Picks your N absolute worst leaches to display.
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This is exactly what I had in mind. I don’t even care much for the “level” thing, I’m more fond of the giant wall of kanji setting, so any way of putting them there would be more than fine.

Maybe if one day I drop wanikani I could see this being useful? But like, at this point, why not just write them in notepad and take a screenshot you feel me?


What I think would be an awesome touch but you didn’t mention is “burning” a kanji that my WK api doesn’t say I’ve learned (but that is on WK). Right now my main source of kanji knowledge is wanikani but I do learn some stuff on my own.

Like 姫 or 歌, come on, who doesn’t know these ones? But I gotta wait until LEVEL SIXTY for it to be on the wallpaper.


Still, if you do nothing of what I said, this this program is already pretty sweet.

Hey that looks pretty neat, although it did take me some time to get that in the Terminal the file tragectory shouldn’t be in quotes :joy:

Thank you, morituri te salutant :sweat_smile:

It could also show only the burned items, the critical ones or the random ones. As you well know there are endless options :slight_smile: No worries if you don’t have time yet, it was just an idea. And btw thanks for all the work you’ve done so far! It might seem like a trivial thing, but looking at the kanji list growing on my desktop keeps me motivate to study and not give up.

Yes I saw that option thanks! But I ended up deciding to manually download the wallpapers every time, because I like to keep track of my progress. Also I put them all in a folder and then use the MacOS function to automatically change the background every 5 seconds (I would have preferred 1-2 seconds but that’s not possible on Mac). This way I get to see a dynamic animation of my progress like a very slow gif.

@Masayoshiro, any plans for an animated wallpaper option?

Cool, though mine is super boring :joy:
(using yellow sunrise)

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First of all thanks for the hack!

In case it helps someone. In Mac (Monterey) the osascript seems to be caching the wallpaper. In my case I solved it killing the Dock process after running the script (just adding killall Dock at the end of the script)
More info

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Welcome to the forums! Nice tip! :wink:

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I created a custom color scheme and deeply love having it as my background.


Default colors but
Background: #c4fbd3
Unseen: #ffffff
Burned: #191919

Getting “There was an issue with the API call to “assignments””, does anyone has the same error?

Hi @xy2! I’m able to trigger that error if I expire my API key. Can you please try creating a new API key and using that with the wallpaper generator instead?

Hi guys am new to wanikani. I’ve found this and thought it was an amazing addition to my study to track my actual progress every time I look at my desktop. I’ve done all steps however the desktop background says Error: Cannot find user folder. Can someone please help me?

Hello @MGTJapanese! Welcome to the WaniKani Community!
I’m assuming you’re using one of the download scripts to have the wallpaper automatically update. That error message implies that the wallpaper’s URL wasn’t copied over correctly. Double-check that it’s correct in whatever script you have set up. You can right-click the Download Wallpaper button and click “Copy Link address” to get the link. If you need more help, let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help. At first whenever I click on your link and paste my API it says “hack attempt recorded isn’t 10 devices enough” So I went with the other way that was written in the source code. Downloading XAMPP run the link locally and download the wallpaper I get this message.