New and Improved Wallpaper Generator

That’s really cool!

It might just be a consequence of them being only level 2.

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Under the Section Titles section, there is a checkbox for “Collapse sections?”. If you click that, the sections will join together in one big section.

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These are the colors from the image vikitty posted.



This is MEGA AWESOME! Two questions:

1- Can I just generate a wallpaper and download it? To use it on a, let’s say, pseudo PC?

2- Can I add kanji that I’ve learned without having to learn them on WK? Kinda wanna take this to life, don’t wanna limit it to WK.

I wish I could check these things myself but I can’t right now. And hey, if they aren’t possible… they’re suggestions? : D

Thank you for your help! I tried experimenting with some of the options, but if I’m not mistaken that one is active only if you don’t use the default order. Which one of those should I select?
I’m not on my computer right now so i can’t try it but I will tomorrow

“Failed to import profile data” :frowning:
Any idea why that is? Has the format processed by Tasker changed since 2019?

Yeah, I do that and use it on my phone :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not with this tool at this time.

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Thank you very much for sharing this!

Unfortunately I cannot use it as a background (family) but because I am currently studying for the Kanken in parallel it is very interesting to see an illustration on how the wanikani levels and Kanken levels overlap.

And if you see all of them on one image the amount looks somehow a bit less overwhelming…

:yellow_heart: :orange_heart: :heart:

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Apologies if this has already been asked before, but are the new kanji going to be added to the wallpaper?


I hear ya. I’ve thought about adding this as a feature. Maybe I’ll do that? Maybe there could be a textarea for Custom Kanji, and you could add them in with their level and they could just be appended to the list. Do you think that’s good, or should I do something else, like allow you to upload your own entire set & order of thousands of Kanji? (It might be a while before I implement this).

Format of Custom Kanji textarea

Each kanji goes on a new line, and each one would be followed by a number which corresponds to its level. 0=unseen, 1=Apprentice, 2=Guru, etc.


Right, so, that option to collapse sections is only enabled if there are sections to be collapsed. Some sets don’t have sections (i.e., “Default”, “Frequency of use”, “Complete Heiseg”).

Best of luck with the Kanken!!

They will be! You’re the first person to let me know about this (thank you!). I’ll add them at some point hopefully soon.


I don’t use Tasker, so I can’t say for certain what the issue is, but did you copy the URL correctly?

There is the one line in Natezebo’s Tasker config which looks like this
<Str sr="arg0" ve="3"><WALLPAPER_URL_HERE></Str>

When you copied it over, did you remove the < and > that surrounded WALLPAPER_URL_HERE?

I.e., your file should look like this:
<Str sr="arg0" ve="3"></Str>
not like this:
<Str sr="arg0" ve="3"><></Str>

I know that these are the kanji that are tested, but I’m not sure where you could find a complete list.

Correct, I did it as you mentioned but no dice.

Alrighty, let me see if I can help you get it working. Is this “Tasker” program an Android app?


Yes, it is, and thanks! :blush:

I’d be happy to pay for the Tasker app since it’s not free though.

Thank you! I figured it out.

One last question, do you know if it’s also possible to get vocabulary data from the API? Would it make sense to make a similar thing based on words instead of kanji? Too messy? Too big? Too complex?

Getting vocab data from the API is possible, but it would for sure be too big if we were to display all levels. Maybe I’ll implement something like this if I ever decide to get past level 2 because that is a feature I would probably like to have for myself. Perhaps it could be limited to 5 WK levels or something, based on your current level? What do you think?

It could be useful to be able to select levels to be shown. For example I have a multiple display setup and I’d love to have different sets of words to show up on each monitor. I don’t know, something like:
Display 1 - vocab lvl 1-10
Display 2 - vocab lvl 11-20
Display 3 - vocab lvl 21-30