New and Improved Wallpaper Generator

Lol I forgot I wrote that “hack attempt” message :sweat_smile: but that message suggests that that the URL is still wrong somehow. I can’t tell exactly what’s wrong without seeing your script file itself. If you want to send it to me so I can look at it, you can do it over Discord (my username is Bennycopter#8846); I wouldn’t recommend pasting your API key here where anyone can see it.

Thank you for pointing out that issue! To fix it, open Notepad, and edit the file C:\xampp\php\php.ini. Search for extension=gd and make sure the line does not have a semicolon ; in front of it. Save the file and restart your computer. (I just updated the open source’s readme file to include these instructions.)

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Sorry for the late response, got a bit busy this past week.

I’ve edited the file and removed the ; however am still experiencing an error when I click Download Wallpaper. By the way, sorry to bother you and taking so much of your time.

No worries at all! I got your friend request on Discord, but I deleted it because I wasn’t sure who it was at first lol (my bad). I just sent you one back. We’ll get this sorted out eventually!