New Accomplishment! 3000+ burned items!

Nearly 3100 things I’ll never need to see again!!

The 30s so far have been SO MANY REVIEWS!!! But, so many of them get burned.

Long way to go, but 3000 seems like a ways up the mountain.


I feel you on the SO MANY REVIEWS part, the 30s have been intense, haha!

And congrats on your 3000! =)

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Nice! Congratulations, Im barely on 300 but I hope to reach that level soon :slight_smile:

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No need to hurry! It’s a pretty long way from 10 to 30-something! Take your time.

Grats! I just got this one too :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2022-12-28 at 11-59-47 WaniKani a kanji learning application by Tofugu


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