Nevermind why do i even bother

I give up on seeking help on the forums.

You can copy and paste from images. Try using the google translate phone app.


Jisho has a radical based search engine.


thanks for the replies so far, but I really am not asking for ways to read images or look up kanji via radical.

Maybe post a picture of one such coupon, and we can point out some of the words that commonly appear?


I feel like OP would need to post a bunch of pictures if we want to provide some sort of statistically relevant word list :thinking:
Generally, I’d recommend to OP to do just that, actually. Google image クーポン and try to read as many as possible.


I was thinking mostly the picture would act as a memory aid for those of us with much exposure to coupons. :slightly_smiling_face:


i am seeking replies from people who do have exposure, and thus can properly help

Well yeah, but… a picture of what you’ve got in mind is still useful. We haven’t got the foggiest idea of exactly what your exam entails.


Could you please try not being so derogatory. Most people here are actually trying to help you but you have to give them something (anything) to go on. Simply saying “coupons” can basically be anything.
From coupon currency chips at festivals to simple store coupons from basically any kind of store that could have any kind of word on them.
I personally won’t be much help but people like Belthazar and other lvl 60s will most likely be able and very willing to help you if you explain it.


I’m going to close this thread as the OP was edited and the conversation’s not really going in a helpful direction. Thanks to those who did try though to help out :+1: