Neko Atsume Japanese Questions

Ah, ok, I had a slight feeling it was that but I wasn’t sure it was the same without the いい, also interestingly enough, despite the mistake, the translation is almost the same

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Context: A new cat appeared, it’s talking about taking a picture of it.

Context Sentence (s):

My Translation:
With the cat notebook, you can find a cat’s identification data. Please continually photograph the cats, and let’s keep the remaining in your memory! You can take also view the pictures you just took.


  1. My translation kind of seems wacky, especially since I had to break up with big sentence for a better translation
  2. I see ので in there, I am just trying to figure out how it would be translated in this sentence…

I would translate the whole thing as something like

You can check the cats’ data with the cat notebook. Since you can also view the pictures you took, take pictures all you want and keep the cats in your memory!

The ので is basically the “since” in the second sentence.


Context: I finally finished the tutorial

Context Sentence:よいねこあつめを!

Translation: Good (luck) cat collecting?

Question: Is that a good translation?

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It sounds like よいお年を(迎えてください), which means Happy New Year (literally please enter a good year), so I would translate it simply as Happy Cat Collecting :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure if there’s more expressions in the form of よい〜を, but that’s the first one that came to mind.


Ah, ok, thank you

Context: The cat’s fur type (like calico, etc.)

Type: とび三毛

Question: I got the 三毛 part, but I’m not sure what とび means

Here’s a source:


Seems like it’s a specific variety of cat coat coloring. Mainly white with brown and black, as opposed to other types of calico.


For that kind of thing where it’s so specific in a field (in this case, cats), google tends to give better results than general dictionaries (if you’re comfortable searching in Japanese).
Hope that helps!

I found a source that gives a reason WHY it’s called that, also:


So the colors are scattered over the white background, basically


Hello, this is now my thread too, if you don’t mind.
I just started attempting Neko Atsume in Japanese. I’m not very good at grammar yet so every bit of it is a struggle. I haven’t looked much at the questions and answers in this thread yet because I want to attempt to translate everything myself, which is why I’m pkaying the game. Plus cute cats for motivation.


Nice! Good luck with translating! The tutorial has the most to translate, otherwise the game is not text heavy. Also I’m glad someone found a use for this thread

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