"needs more work" button

When I get an answer right it’s because

  1. I confidently remembered or
  2. I managed to half-remembered the mnemonic and it was enough or
  3. I barely remembered but got lucky.

I’m not worried about situations 1 and 2. WK will help me lock them in.
The only way to handle situation 3 is by making a note of it, but it’s not easy to stop the session and copy/paste into another app.

I’m looking for a “flag as weak” button that compiles a list that I can see at the end of a session or that grows across multiple session. Three options (Strong, Okay, Weak) would be even better.

tl;dr Is there a script that lets me flag weakly remembered items in my sessions for me to see later as a list?


I know there was an “Item Marker” script, but I don’t know if it still works. I’ve never used it.

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That looks like it will do what I need. Thanks for taking the time to tell me about it!

I mean ultimately in that case, it’s statistically highly unlikely that you’d get lucky and get the thing right 7 or 8 times in a row from new to burned. Or if you did then it’s probably less luck and you may have known it better than you thought :slight_smile:

I just tend to not worry about it too much. If it’s only weakly remembered I figure I’ll get it wrong the next time and it’ll come up again more frequently until I really know it.

That or if I see something that’s a really stubborn leech I’ll copy it into Notepad and really try to pick it apart afterwards and find a way to remember it better.

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