Need to focus and retain

Hi all
I really need a “pick me up” in the morning or when I’m about to enter a study session.

I’m not a coffee drinker and don’t eat sweets, and matcha / green tea has no real effect on me

Are there any suggestions you could offer up to help?

Sometimes I can study for hours and literally retain nothing.

I don’t drink coffee either, and caffeine does nothing to me. But lately I’ve been drinking some energy drinks or basically anything just for the taste. So yeah it usually has some sugar and not sure if I want to recommend someone to start putting some sugar in them.

I just enjoy drinking something nice and cold that tastes good and I can get into a bit of a productive mood. So why not try some flavored sparkling water?

Something like this.


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I’m not a coffee drinker either! I found a few years ago that nutrition science recommends starting your day with electrolytes rather than any sort of caffeine, since we dehydrate ourselves over the course of the night while we sleep. Switching from just cold water in the morning to any sort of electrolyte booster (lemon water, coconut water, Liquid-IV, pedialyte if you’re stronger than me, etc.) makes me feel more alert, as well.

I can’t say if it will assist study retention, since building a study routine can be a bit more intensive than switching your morning drink, but hopefully this can assist with a morning pick-me-up!

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Thank you for the suggestions.

I did find that pure cacao of all things gave me a massive energy boost, but for obvious reasons I dont want to eat that all the time.

I do have a lot of outside stresses (dont we all) but I find that some days I am just in the zone for studying and others it seems impossible.

Sleep is normal, excersise is good… I was just after something that is going to give me that kick to the head that blocks the stressors out and lets me focus.

How are you sleeping? I would work on getting more quality sleep, rather than thinking about what to drink in the morning. That’s way more useful for helping your brain learn in any case.

OP said in the post right before yours that his sleep is normal.

I think my sleep is ok (I do worry about many things which can keep me up late sometimes) but its certainly not terrible at the moment.
Thank you for the suggestion.

Go for a walk for 5 minutes?

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Not sure about the “pick me up” in the morning, but I recommend drinking this before studying.

It’s got herbs in the tea that helps with memory/retention.

I also don’t recommend studying for hours, there should be mini break. Like you could study 25min then take a break for 5min then repeat this 2-4 more times. Also are you using the extra study a lot too? Ready the word combinations and context sentences too?

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Thank you so much.
I tend to not take a break and overload myself with reading kanji, writing kanji, and studying from textbooks.
Very kind of you all to reply.
Thank you