Need suggestions of how to progress as I can hardly recall most of the vocabularies

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing amazing. Just leveled up and now I am in level 12. Level 1-10 was easier but looks like as it is mentioned 11-20 is going to be really hard.

I need suggestions as I felt like I am trying to level up and in the process I am not remembering the vocabularies or cannot use it in everyday life.

How can I slow it down or in which process I should slow down in that way can remember it properly, for the next two weeks 1. should i just stay in level 12 and focus on reviews?
2. level up quickly and not focus on vocabularies?
3. Focus on new vocabularies too as at one point after doing alot of reviews I can try to recall it.

What should I do? Want to know from senior members? Even I am more than willing to listen to the strategy of new members.

Thanks in advance.


Slow it down!

Hold off on new lessons until your apprentice count is below 150. This will keep your reviews down and give your brain time to process the new stuff.

We all learn differently so don’t beat yourself up.


What do you mean by apprentice?

What else are you doing? WK is mostly a supplementary tool and other study methods, be it reading, grammar, listening etc. are essential.


The box on the left on your dashboard:

Mine says 55.


make mnemonics for the ones you have trouble with! Wanikani has some on the lesson pages, but I find I remember better if I make my own.
for example, I remember 運軒する because driving is INTENSE(uru). Or I remember 俑号 (しんごう) because if you β€œgo” on a red light, you will die (shin(u)). Things like that really help me to remember vocab

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