Need some help with parts of this conversation

This is from a ps1 game called Iru. 北条 seems to be a teacher and she walks into the room as 由麻 (a student) is working.

「あっ、 ここにいたのね。一ノ宮さん、 探したのよ。水川君も、生徒指導室で生徒会の仕事するんだけど、あなたが見つからなくて始められないって探してたわよ。」





「うーんん、 ごめんね。用事終わらせたら、すぐに戻ってくるから。あっ、そうだ!望月くんと広瀬くん、まだいたから、探しておいてね。ゼッタイだよ!」

1 - それと、おじゃまして申し訳ないんだけど - Is this some kind of apology for interupting?

2 - じゃまだなんてこと - Edict says なんてこと means “(int) (uk) my goodness!, good lord!, holy cow!” and that doesn’t alleviate my confusion :confused:

3 - すぐに戻ってくるから - Does this から have the meaning of expressing sympathy?

Any help appreciated

I believe that for both 「別に!」 and 「おじゃまだなんてこと・・・」, there is an implied negation (in the latter case, possibly omitted because 由麻 is interrupted, but it could also be intentionally left implicit, with the ・・・ denoting a sort of trailing off).

It’s a bit like how you might reply to 「日本語上手!」 with 「いえ、いえ、まだまだ!」. Taken on its own, this means “No, no; yet, yet!”, but the intended meaning is “No, no; not yet, not yet!”
(I guess まだ could also be referring to the fact that you are still learning, but I’m pretty sure the implied negative better matches the common usage.)

In English, you could convery a similar sentiment with “A bother? Goodness!” Here, the implied meaning is actually “A bother? Goodness, not at all!”

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1: no, it’s an apology for the fact she’s about to give him a task to do (一ノ宮さんには美術部の準備もしてもらわないといけない). (Wikipedia tells me this teacher is the art teacher, which is why the art club prep is a task he must do for her – してもらう).

2: @Kutsushokunin has covered this one

3: no, it’s the “because” meaning, with (as is not uncommon) the second half left unsaid because it’s obvious in context. Here it’s something like “I’ll be right back when I’ve finished that task, so [doing the art club prep for you is no problem]”.


Thanks for the info but I just realised I may have left out some important context. When 北条 says 後で she leaves and the final part said by 由麻 is said to the player character. After she says it she leaves (leaving the player alone). I don’t know if that changes anything but I feel like I should add it.

I have a question regarding それと、おじゃまして申し訳ないんだけど. Why would 北条 apologize to 由麻 for giving 一ノ宮さん a task?

I think the teacher is apologizing for interrupting whatever the student was doing. “I see you’re currently busy with something - sorry to interrupt by bringing a task you have to do” kind of situation.


Thanks, that doesn’t change the grammar but it does change the interpretation. Something more like
“I’ll be right back when I’ve finished that task, so [I won’t be long]”.

I should have twigged the change in who they were talking to from the shift in politeness level.

Presumably this character and the player character are engaged in some joint task together? That would fit with the teacher apologising for interrupting and with the other character saying they’d round up another couple of students to help.


Yes thay are making some sort of stall it looks like.

I just took a look at the english translation of this scene in the game and I now realise that 由麻 and 一ノ宮さん are the same girl! I thought they were different people, I wondered why I was getting so confused with this dialogue but that was it :man_facepalming:

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Ah, now that I had figured out by looking at the cast list in Wikipedia, but I assumed you knew it :slight_smile:

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Could I get a link to that please?

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Here you go…

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