Need some help Japanese


I need some help with a sentence in Japanese:


I’m wondering, which one I need to put before the other 学校に or the お母さんと and if the sentence does make sense.

translation: I usually drink coffee in the morning and I go to school with my mother.

Please do not hesitate to correct my correct =) !

Just gonna put this here in case you weren’t aware:

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Ow !at least now I know =/

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Without changing your word choices I’d go with:
Edit: @ourtangledbones example sounds a bit more natural using 普通

The 学校に / お母さんと is pretty much interchangeable, the order will emphasise one more than the other.
You might find this helpful:

Since you’re talking about what you normally do in the morning, I feel that going to school is more essential in this case than who you happen to go with. If you were responding to a question about who you spend time with during your day, you might use 学校にお母さんと行きます in the sense that you would be answering “I go with my mother to school” instead of “I I go to school with my mother”. Similar to German, in general the more important the information, the later it comes in the sentence.

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Japanese allows for a lot of variation in terms of word order, as long as your particles are right, but it’s my impression that putting お母さんと before 学校に sounds more natural. Also, if it’s your mother you’re talking about, just using 母 would work as well, as you’d typically use お母さん when talking about someone else’s mother.

Also, I’m not sure if the ん at the end of 飲んで is a typo or not, for if you are going to use ん in the slang/informal context, it should usually be followed by any variation of です like “んです” or "んだ”

What I would write is: 普通は朝にコーヒーを飲んで、母と学校に行きます。

And as mentioned by the previous poster, I’d be careful about your choice of words in the title.

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