Need help with translation please


What does 「すごく甘いよ、とか言うから 無理して頬張ったメロン。歴史すら変えそうな 得意げな笑顔。」mean?

This sentence is from the lyrics of a song I like listening to.


What’s the part you don’t understand?


The spoken of very sweet melon. Because of that fact, the melon which one can forcefully fill their cheeks with. Even history looks like it could change at that skillfully smiling face

A very rough translation but I don’t know any other way to translate it and retain the original meaning.


I didn’t understand the 「とか言うから 無理して頬張ったメロン」part.
could you maybe break it down for me?


thanks alot :smile:


Literal translation would be something like:

The melon that I forced myself to try because you said it was very sweet.
Your proud smily face that would even change the history.

I think this is describing memory of a couple, like something they ate together, the conversation about it, etc.
Such little things, but feel special to you and you’d remember things like this if you’re in love with the person, you know :slight_smile:


頬張る is a way of saying 食べる (to eat), but more like “stuffing my face with〜.”


ohhh thanks @TofuguKanae :pray:t5::pray:t5::grin: