Need help with pronounciationnn

unsure about the function of the ツ character in katakana words such as ネット(net)

It’s not grammatical. It’s a pronunciation thing. It’s a small gap, just like in がっこう with the hiragana small つ.

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sorry didnt know, thought it had something to do with grammar

If that still doesn’t help, try clapping to each part, with a gap (in the sounds) and clap for the small つ/ツ

Contrast it with what you’d have without it

3 claps for ネット versus 2 for ネト
4 claps for がっこう versus 3 がこう

Each clap should take the same amount of time. It should be a steady rhythm.

Note: ネト is never used alone, so that’s not a word, but it’s worth noting that がこう actually is a word (albeit a somewhat uncommon word for “sketch”) so you are actually changing the meaning if you miss the gap.


thank you so much im still trying to get the hang of it but i think im getting better

Aye, basically you start pronouncing the consonant on the next kana, but hold it for a beat before finishing it. Which is to say, ネット = ne-t-to; がっこう = ga-k-ko-o


Just wanted to say, I love your avatar :3



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