Need help with Lesson Ordering II Script

I followed the visual guide and everything but for some reason nothing has changed. I don’t know if it pulls my API key automatically or not, or if the issue is something else. Someone help I’m really frustrated TT_TT

The script is here:

Do you have Tampermonkey installed? You need a userscript manager installed in order for userscripts to take effect

If you do have a userscript manager already, there might be an issue with the script – if that’s the case, here’s the one I use with no issue: WaniKani Reorder Ultimate

Hope that helped!

Yeah I have tampermonkey

It might just be an issue with the script then — did you try the other script I linked? If so, did you have the same issue?

I downloaded the one you show me and I can definitely tell a difference, but how do I get it to show me kanji/radicals first? Sometimes I think I’ve arranged it so that happens, but after like two kanji it goes back to vocab.

Hmm that might be because you have both item types and levels checkmarked for sorting, so it’s sorting it by item type (radical–>kanji–>vocab) but also per level

From the description of the userscript:

So try unchecking the “Sort Levels” box, and that should then only sort by item types and give you only radicals --> kanji --> vocab


I’m still having the same problem :frowning:

:thinking: maybe try using the scale on the right hand side of the script to put emphasis on “Types” and force it in favor of doing radical --> kanji --> vocab?

If you click the right side of the scale, it’ll tip it towards types:

should it still be 1x1 (whatever that means)?

1x1 just means that you’ll see each item individually at a time instead of it being randomly shuffled, so that’s up to your preference ^^

I think it worked? :smiley: I will let you know tomorrow when my radical reviews come back. Thanks~!

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やった!And no problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds good, hope it works out ^^

Is there any script that tells you how many radicals, kanji, and vocab you have while doing the reviews?

This script already does it actually, just hover your mouse over each item type:


and it’ll give you a total for each and even lets you know how many from each level ^^

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I just realized that, thanks!