Need help with latest one piece chapter

In the latest chapter, Oda uses (こ and コ) instead of 年/年間 to refer to ¨years¨.

Does anyone know why that is? do you think he used 個 but written in hiragana?

While Japanese uses all sorts of counters for all sorts of categories of things, the generic counters つ and こ can be used for anything.

It’s not uncommon to express a child’s age with つ, for example.

Q: (むすめ)さんはおいくつですか? “How old is your daughter?” (literally “how many”)
A: 今年(ことし)(むっ)つになります。“She’ll be six this year.”

It’s actually quite common to ask someone’s age with いくつ instead of 何歳(なんさい).

As こ is used instead of つ for numbers that go beyond 9, I don’t find it unusual to see 10こ there.

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I hadn’t heard of こ as a counter

It’s super basic and you can use it for absolutely everything.


つ = kun’yomi counter
こ = on’yomi counter


Is there more context than this? What other lines are on the page?

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just don’t use it for people :sweat_smile:

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