Need help understanding a word (押され) in this sentence


This sentence is the first line in a song, and I understand everything except for the last word (押され).
I think 押される is like the passive form of the verb 押す, and this looks similar to that, but I don’t know for sure. I’m positive it’s supposed to be 押され, but I don’t get what it means and I’d like some help understanding the meaning of the word and its function in the sentence.

Thank you!

It’s 押される indeed.
I forgot the name of this grammatical form, but masu form without the masu is used for continuation.
So, basically, the sentence is not over.
The て form could have been used, but it’s more formal or poetic to not use it. (I guess here they were going for poetic, and trying to keep some rhythm)

Edit: found explanations in English:


背中を押す is an expression according to jmdict and means

to encourage, to cheer on, to back (someone), to push (someone to do something), to advise

Thanks! It makes sense now that it would be a verb stem, the song does continue with a line related to the first. I thought it was a separate sentence but it makes sense that it is a continuation from the first. It also does keep the rhythm, so it seems likely they would write it like that than use the て form

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Ah, no, actually. It’s 連用形 it seems. It’s slightly different.


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