Need help to correct マッチ売りの少女 story i rewrite

As I said, my teacher asked me to do this. The problem here is l’m so bad as writing as I’m used to when I learnt French =,=. I need your help pleaseeeee. Here is the story:



次のマッチを点けるの時、死んだおばあさんを見えました。優しいおばあさん。「私を連れてください」女の子は残っているマッチを点けました、おばあさんが消えないように。 寒い次の朝、小さな女の子が死んでいるのが見つかった。女の子が幸せの見たい、顔には微笑みがありました。

Did you consider

I’m not sure the current status of getting an account there, but if you can you’ll get better results, where native speakers are actively correcting things like this. This forum is mostly non-native Japanese learners.

They are still not accepting new registrations at the moment.

If your teacher asked you to do this, isn’t the best thing to do it and then bring it to them?

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Yes, right? So the teacher can actually correct the mistakes OP made. Really, mistakes are the best way to learn :slight_smile: Good luck!

I know but… My firend, I hate that guy so much. He alway say some thing like: Why’re you so sucked like this like that ?
P/s: thanks guys

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Really? :frowning: that’s not a good friend…

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