Need a bit of an explanation?

I need some help to try and understand the exact meaning. I really couldn’t get this one sentence, all the other sentences I had in my lesson I understood but this one floored me and now I I’m still not 100%,

The problem area for me is the ending of とめられていた、I feel that I’m translating it as "I was told by the doctor to stop doing something???, but I still drank ha ha ha! It’s the ‘I was told by, in my translation’ I feel that I need another verb in the sentence to actually make the sentence = that the doctor told me to do something? I feel that the answer maybe really oblivious and I’m just over complicating it?



止める means “to stop”, so in this sentence it would be “was stopped” because it’s in past and passive. So here it’s “I was stopped by the doctor” or “The doctor stopped me”. 病気で means “because of the sickness” and 飲んじゃった is 飲んでしまった. Deepl (which is much better than Google translate :eyes:) translates this as: “I drank alcohol even though I was sick and the doctor had stopped me.”

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Thanks that makes it really clear now.

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