Nedd some advice on how to proceed

In Japan university students in their final year don’t really study, they just do 就職活動 (job hunting (lit. activities to find a job)).
Learning more vocab is what’s going to help you with the tricky ones that you just can’t remember


I wasn’t trying to tell you not to deal with them - quite the opposite. Knowing what the leeches are can let you plan a more specific study strategy (e.g. SRS doesn’t seem to be cutting it, maybe you need to write them down, review them more often, try looking up some extra example sentences etc to help them stick. Maybe you just need a few rounds with a leech training script - totally depends how you learn) for the stuff that’s not sticking. If you’re aware of the problem words, you can target them more specifically and hopefully gradually stop failing those.

FWIW - I often find that for leeches the WK mnemonics just aren’t sticking, and I need to either write new ones, or get those words somewhere else (e.g. see them in the wild, look at some extra example sentences) to really get them to stick.

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