Near perfect pacing strategy for me

After testing this for almost 6 months I can tell the perfect pacing strategy for me:

If you have less than 300 reviews in next 3 days after clearing your current reviews, take 10 lessons. If not, do not take new lessons. I do reviews about twice a day.

I also reorder my lessons as follows:

  • Radicals
  • Previous level items
  • Maximum 5 new kanji
  • Current level vocab

This keeps my work load very even and reviews won’t pile up that bad. Sometimes my apprentice items are 50, sometimes 120, but it’s all good, my work loading stays stable and I get equal challenge all the time.

I also re-arrange my reviews with current level items first, with overdue items prioritized on Smouldering Durtles, which ensures that if I don’t have time to clear my reviews at given moment, most likely items to relapse are put in front of the queue.


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