"NaN years ago" on dashboard

In the “recent community topics”, the dates are “Nan years ago” now. Chrome & Firefox tested.

Yes I noticed that too, not sure what’s that about

“NaN” is JavaScript for “Not a number”.

maybe some change in database or frontend code, probably easily fixed :slight_smile:

A common misconception.
It actually refers to an indefinite amount of time, stemming from the non-standardized size of naan bread.


My nun nan baked naan while listening to NiN but she gave me none.

read with Cockney accent

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Well it seems to be fixed again :slight_smile:

She sounds terrible.

read with a turn of the century NaNtucket accent

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My forum timestamps are okay, but my next review says “47 years ago”… Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since I reached all-burned status, lol.

I’ll have to post a snapshot when I get back to my PC.

My “next review” is just stuck. When I refresh the page it shows correctly, but it’s not counting down like it’s supposed to.

Please do. : )

I had reviews in the past once, and made a thread about it I think…

I was going to laugh at the bug, but then I realized I’d probably make the same mistake. Still would love to see the screenshot for the novelty.

I’ve had that happen. It was after my reset, so I figured some wires just got crossed.

In my case I have no idea - it was on my old phone it would display as “1 Year Ago” or something.

[Edit: In case anyone’s wondering… now that the new forums have freed us from the shackles of Gravatar (by allowing upload of an avatar specifically for the forums), I have changed my Gravatar to a QR code ‘rfindley’.


47 years ago? Obviously a bug! It should say 42+ years ago


You, sir, are some special kind of time traveller. The internet hadn’t become public yet (and may have only been in it’s infant stages for military branches of government, if even that far), let alone WaniKani existing ~ or Koichi for that matter. (I’m thinking he’s definitely under 40, mid-30s max.)

@rfindley has Real Numbers installed.

I know, right!??

Actually, I don’t… so, apparently, the bugs have never heard of HHGTTG.

Silly bugs. (I was merely joking about the script.)