Names of radicals that make no sense

I wish it would allow us to add synonyms for radicals when we do the lessons for them.


I have the same issue with mnemonics related to Star Wars, I have never seen the movies. But thanks to WK, I now know all the main characters.


Agree. Although there’s a script for that, I don’t have it but I’ve seen people talk about it a few times.

I actually want the overhaul to not happen until next year at this point. It would suck to be only a few levels from 60 and boom everything changes.


I assume the old names would still work as synonyms, and any kanji you had in guru+ probably are becoming reflexive enough to not rely on silly mnemonics anymore. It would probably take a few weeks of chaos to clear out the ones you were currently working on with the help of the mnemonics.

Sure, but it’s also possible they’ll create a large number of new radicals and move kanji and vocab all around to different levels. That’s what I’m concerned about.

@TheFlyingCouch If you read the Tofugu article on kunyomi and onyomi and/or listen to the related podcast, you get very thorough explanations, including the things about left and right part you mentioned.

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Hadn’t thought of that. Still, at level 50-something, most of the changing would be invisible to you; presumably you’d keep your level even with new stuff inserted behind you. And stuff ahead is unknown anyway. Maybe they could add a custom individualized level-61: stuff we added since you did the level.

I only realized they had podcasts like a week ago (listened to one on Rendaku). I’ll have to give that a whirl. Thanks.

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“Che Gavara” makes no sense at all.

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What is that referring to?

this topic is always hot.

all hail geoduck !!!

I imagine the duck radical like this: top is like wings, bottom left is head pecking ground for food, bottom right is a foot. Can you see it?

Agree completely.

Eh? No that’s totally wrong. (kidding! whatever works for you is right)

I see the square in the top left as the eye, the two lines out to the right as the beak, open, squawking, and the strokes going down as neck feathers. It’s just a portrait of a duck head in profile. Something like

Afaik, that one (母) originally represented the breasts of a woman (made rectangular and rotated by 90 degrees over time - a focus that makes sense, since it’s used to write “mother”). So I added “breasts” as synonym, because “drawers” was just silly…


There is an userscript for that… i dont use it so i forgot the name but you should be able to find it on the list of userscripts

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Ugg, I mis-spelled “Guevara”

I figured. That still doesn’t help me understand what you were talking about.