Name that tune! 道いたくて道いたくて

A friend of mine just got a CD mailed from Japan from one of his favorite artists, Kaz, this lovely older Japanese gentleman who plays jazz standards on ukuleles and similar instruments. (YouTube channel if you’re curious: Anyway, the playlist is in Japanese, which was a good chance to practice my Japanese reading. The trick is, these are all 1940s-60s American jazz standards, which means the song which translates to (my everything) is really “All Of Me”, and (to the moon) is really “Fly Me To The Moon”.

I’m stumped on this one track, though: 道いたくて道いたくて. I think it translates to (I want to go, I want to go) but for the life of me I can’t figure out the oldie jazz standard. Help! Can someone smarter than me (meaning: most of you guys) give me a better translation, so I can figure the song out please?

And yes, if we listened to the song, we’d probably know it…but he bought the CD as a gift for another friend and doesn’t want to unwrap it before giving it, of course. I think it would be nice if we could provide the English playlist with the present…

Thanks in advance for any help and education you can provide!

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Looking at the channel, I see 逢いたくて逢いたくて, which would make sense to me. Was that the one?

道 is みち (street), where as 逢う is “meet”, so 逢いたい would be (“I want to see you” or “I miss you”).

But that wasn’t really your question… so anyway


Leebo, you genius…I totally missed that the song was posted! You found it! THANK YOU!

Now I feel like a dweeb…opening a topic that got answered IN TWO MINUTES. Haha sorry still a newbie.


Ah, okay, if that helps then :slight_smile:

I suspected the kanji was wrong when it didn’t really make sense to me, so I searched for くて on the channel page and it came up. Figured that part would still be in the title.