N5/Genki I Reading Practice

Just for future reference, what’s some good practice reading suggestions after reaching an N5 reading comprehension level (i.e. just finished Genki I)?

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NHK Easy News is always a good one — you can also download the app TangoRisto which has the articles on there and also has built-in features such as a dictionary, breakdown of content by JLPT level, and the ability to toggle the furigana ^^


Japanese graded readers are always good. The ASK series is the series I’m familiar with, but there are others. They are a bit on the expensive side, but they are very good quality and 5 books in each set. Not only will you practice Japanese, but learn Japanese culture and folktales in the process.


Yes, the ASK graded readers are great fun and it’s really cool to be able to read a booklet without a dictionary. Context and pictures makes it relatively easy to determine even the words not known. Love this series.

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