My Way of Japanese continues after a Corona break

300 reviews

My goal for this weekend is to reach at most 200 reviews in the evening. Then I will ponder about a reading and grammar strategy.

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200 reviews
Weekend reviewing sprint.

Temporary goal: Having less than 200 reviews in the evening and not more than 200 on half a day. More or less arbitrary rule by curtesy of the timeline diagram :rofl:
I also cheated once in a while to bring it down to 200 this weekend. But I think I used it in a responsible way based on my performance.
After the review load hopefully settles down in at most a week I plan to finally add again some lessons and take a shot at reading.
But don’t forget: Man proposes, God disposes! So stay tuned.:beer:


0000000000000000 reviews

Finally, after a hard Wanikani Sunday I have a clean slate. I don’t have any dates Monday and Tuesday evening. So I should manage the workload the next two days.
And then: 頑張れ :ninja:


2332 lessons
Finally no review backlog anymore. :sweat_smile: Started with lessons.

Now I will also give reading a shot with stuff I like. Does anybody have a pointer where I can get a Japanese epub e.g. 盾の勇者の成り上がり, 魔法科高校の劣等生 or ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか?
English translations as a reference are sitting on my bookshelf :slight_smile:

3 Likes is probably your best best, although all their books have DRM and I’m not a huge fan of their reader. You can also try creating an account on Amazon Japan but that has a lot of hoops to jump through as well.

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I made an account with Amazon Japan some years ago and after the hoops to jump :slight_smile: even managed to get DanMachi#1. But now it’s lost in disk space :frowning:
Afterthought: Wasn’t there some app called Kindle? Starting, having a look in the library and there it is: DanMachi#1 :beer: :innocent: :champagne:


2298 lessons

So far all according to plan.

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Suggested music:

2284 lessons
Currently all going according to plan. Slowly doing lessons. Daily review target <100. So if upcoming reviews for a day are below that I can do a couple of lessons.

You see, Sunday and Monday especially will be a challenge.
OTOH 100 reviews a day are fine. Leaves me some time for reading experiments. Still noch settled on reading materials and tool framework.


2281 lessons
Looks like I didn’t take any lessons since last time. But no, a couple of vocabs were unlocked inbetween. You can see that a bunch moved from guru to master.

Limit considered whether doing lessons: 100 reviews next day. Additonal limit added: 1000 reviews the next two weeks. I hope the peaks will go down with time.

2265 lessons
Admittedly not a big change from two days ago. But I had some new ideas.

I changed my timeline bars to SRS stages.
Apprentice 1 (4h), 2 (8h), 3 (1d), 4 (3d), Guru 1 (1w), 2 (2w), Master (1m), Enlightened (4m), Burned

So what does that mean? In about a week I will have a bunch of masters which mostly then will be gone for a month. So I decided to start with daily 5 lessons and see how it’s working out.

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2215 lessons
Doing still 5 lessons a day.
As you can see enlightenment is increasing :slight_smile:

Standing before a big hurdle tomorrow: 212 reviews.

OTOH, the world will not end if I won’t succeed because of e.g. wife, children, work, Corona, … :slight_smile:

2210 lessons
Did it: More then 200 reviews today and about 120 more enlightened.

Next wave building up in two weeks.

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2200 lessons

Relaxing week coming. Fine for working on a Wanikani Highlighting script.