My Way of Japanese continues after a Corona break

300 reviews

My goal for this weekend is to reach at most 200 reviews in the evening. Then I will ponder about a reading and grammar strategy.


200 reviews
Weekend reviewing sprint.

Temporary goal: Having less than 200 reviews in the evening and not more than 200 on half a day. More or less arbitrary rule by curtesy of the timeline diagram :rofl:
I also cheated once in a while to bring it down to 200 this weekend. But I think I used it in a responsible way based on my performance.
After the review load hopefully settles down in at most a week I plan to finally add again some lessons and take a shot at reading.
But don’t forget: Man proposes, God disposes! So stay tuned.:beer:


0000000000000000 reviews

Finally, after a hard Wanikani Sunday I have a clean slate. I don’t have any dates Monday and Tuesday evening. So I should manage the workload the next two days.
And then: 頑張れ :ninja:


2332 lessons
Finally no review backlog anymore. :sweat_smile: Started with lessons.

Now I will also give reading a shot with stuff I like. Does anybody have a pointer where I can get a Japanese epub e.g. 盾の勇者の成り上がり, 魔法科高校の劣等生 or ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか?
English translations as a reference are sitting on my bookshelf :slight_smile:

4 Likes is probably your best best, although all their books have DRM and I’m not a huge fan of their reader. You can also try creating an account on Amazon Japan but that has a lot of hoops to jump through as well.


I made an account with Amazon Japan some years ago and after the hoops to jump :slight_smile: even managed to get DanMachi#1. But now it’s lost in disk space :frowning:
Afterthought: Wasn’t there some app called Kindle? Starting, having a look in the library and there it is: DanMachi#1 :beer: :innocent: :champagne:


2298 lessons

So far all according to plan.


Suggested music:

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2284 lessons
Currently all going according to plan. Slowly doing lessons. Daily review target <100. So if upcoming reviews for a day are below that I can do a couple of lessons.

You see, Sunday and Monday especially will be a challenge.
OTOH 100 reviews a day are fine. Leaves me some time for reading experiments. Still noch settled on reading materials and tool framework.


2281 lessons
Looks like I didn’t take any lessons since last time. But no, a couple of vocabs were unlocked inbetween. You can see that a bunch moved from guru to master.

Limit considered whether doing lessons: 100 reviews next day. Additonal limit added: 1000 reviews the next two weeks. I hope the peaks will go down with time.

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2265 lessons
Admittedly not a big change from two days ago. But I had some new ideas.

I changed my timeline bars to SRS stages.
Apprentice 1 (4h), 2 (8h), 3 (1d), 4 (3d), Guru 1 (1w), 2 (2w), Master (1m), Enlightened (4m), Burned

So what does that mean? In about a week I will have a bunch of masters which mostly then will be gone for a month. So I decided to start with daily 5 lessons and see how it’s working out.


2215 lessons
Doing still 5 lessons a day.
As you can see enlightenment is increasing :slight_smile:

Standing before a big hurdle tomorrow: 212 reviews.

OTOH, the world will not end if I won’t succeed because of e.g. wife, children, work, Corona, … :slight_smile:

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2210 lessons
Did it: More then 200 reviews today and about 120 more enlightened.

Next wave building up in two weeks.


2200 lessons

Relaxing week coming. Fine for working on a Wanikani Highlighting script.


2150 lessons
So ten days later: 10*5 lessons less.

For a while now I do 5 lessons a day and my 14 day workload goes about 1000 reviews. So this seems to be the correct dosage because that’s what I can manage.

OTOH this means still 2150/5 = 430 days to go until all lessons are gone. Which will still create a long backlog of reviews after that. Learning Japanese isn’t a 100m sprint :slight_smile:
But I don’t care that much about that because I will start reading real soon now, which will give me the reviews to the kanji I really need. :slight_smile:


2100 lessons
Another ten days. A lot of the back log now is enlightened.

Workload is finally settling down to an I think leisurely pace.

Also tomorrow is a holiday. So I will take at least half a day for implementing my Wanikani Vocab Highlighter for future reading support.

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2050 lessons

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A milestone: Only 2000 lessons left!

I will retire in two weeks. The right time to increase the daily lessons batch to 10.


Next step! 1920 lessons. Below 200 reviews in 14 days.

Last day of work is near. Stepping up daily lessons from 5 to 10.

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1800 reviews! With 10 lessons a day about half a year!
Finally light at the end of the tunnel :wine_glass:.Also an upcoming week of burning frenzy.

Burning again!