My WaniKani Progress Diary

Thank you! Stick with it. There are lots of ups and downs but over time you’ll be surprised at what you know.

Just hit level 13 - my first Burns too!

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Just reached level 14. At 72 burns now! Updated above.

Reached Level 15. Updated above!

Just hit Level 16. I’m now at 188 burns. (up from 149). Above updated!

Hit level 17. Burns up to 222. OP updated.

Hit level 18. This was a real slog. Burns are now at 265.

Just wanted to drop by and say you take amazing photos :heart:

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I just saw this and wanted to point something out, in case you didn’t know:

Discourse has a maximum word count for posts, so if you’re planning on carrying this on for your entire journey, you’re going to run out of words eventually; by my count you’re about 50% there at the moment :3

Sorry if that’s entirely unsolicited advice, but I thought I should point it out in case you hit at limit in a dozen levels or so, probably better to know now, hehe.

Ah crap. I wondered about that… I guess I could add a second reply?! Not sure what the best way to do that is. Hmmm. Suggestions welcome, thank you!

Thank you! What ones in particular did you see? :slight_smile:

I believe the limit is the same for comments and posts, so you’ll probably be okay so long as you don’t hit the limit in the top post by the time you hit 30, hehe.

Then you could just move to the first comment you made, since you can edit that. Or you could just, bit more faff, cut the section for each level out of the top post and paste it into the reply where you said you’d updated the top post, move to one reply per month :slight_smile:

The ones on your folio website:

I just take pictures for fun while I travel but I’ve never been good at capturing people like you do. Hats off!


Nice review and website, will check it out more. Thought I’d mention Kitsun has a progressive web app that works great on desktop and mobile. I think it works great on iphone using tinder-swipe reviews but word has it that a native app is in the works. And you if you like sentence mining with Yomichan/Anki, you may prefer this Kitsun extension, it’s extremely simple for vocab mining. Also the reader tool is a great tool for sentence mining, been using more lately for long text mining.

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Thank you! I’ve used the web app, but the text sizing and stuff was a bit odd for me. Perhaps because of the templates, or because I’m on Android. It’s been a while since I tried it though, as I usually use the Desktop.

Thank you for that extension! It’s really useful :slight_smile:

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Oh thank you so much! That’s very kind, and I appreciate it.

You might like my main blog, as it has more photos:

Especially under ‘Travel’. If you scroll down there’s a whole bunch of Japan posts:


Oh great. lol. I’ll figure something out. Thanks for the heads up!!

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