My wanikani barely makes any progress

hello, i am new to this website
i have learn all 26 radical lessons and reviewed them for a few times but none of the lessons make any progress
i only typed two radicals incorrectly and so forth is no incorrect answers
is this a bug, or do i need to do even more?

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The progress bar is a measure of how many items have reached “guru” status, which you get to after 4 consecutive correct answers.

So, presumably you have 1 or 2 more reviews for these items before they get to guru. Then the progress bar will fill up a bit, and you’ll unlock associated kanji items for them.


This is literally everyone’s first post!
Don’t worry! This is normal. The first week is relatively slow. It picks up VERY quickly. Just check back in a few hours and keep at it.

Suggestion to mods: BIG BOLD MESSAGE FOR ALL NEW USERS -> 'This is fine! It will pick up soon!"


Or as vets would tell you… Enjoy the foothills of the mountain while it lasts.

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No, the other half of us come here to either ask or search for “why is this answer marked wrong?” or its sibling question “how do I type a small つ??”. :wink:

@mquan1364 while things are still calm here at WaniKani for the next week or two, you could read through the knowledge base or have a look around the forum. Or maybe have a sneak peak at the upcoming items that will be waiting for you:

And as @Jzon already said: things will change a lot as time goes on and you will have plenty of reviews to keep you very, very busy.


I still think the っ errors need to create a pop up bringing them to the article about the IME.

Yes, if people read it in the first place, it wouldn’t be an issue. But clearly people do not. >_> if we can explain it 30 times a month surely they can make a little pop up to alleviate the forum posts …


It’s not the small っ that trip people up but the small ゅ.

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I could have sworn that it was っ that brought me here but now I’m not sure anymore… but whichever of the two it was, I found the forums back then because of it :slightly_smiling_face:

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The bar measures how many items you have got to ‘guru’. This takes reviewing them four times. Once you have got one of the radicals to guru, your progress bar will start filling.


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