My WaniKani "Artwork" for Levels 1-6

I thought it was funny that papa Chechee made it back for winter x-mass as a cheetah, I guess he is committed now! These should be integrated into the entry if you will go the distance drawing every radical and kanji, they are fun and useful.

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@inspectatoro - Aww, well that’s really sweet of you. :blush: Thank you. (Taking a break from doing the doodles to focus on my more serious art at the moment, but I definitely want to keep going!)

@s1212z - I’m so glad you noticed Papa Cheechee! :purple_heart: He’s a little bit kooky, but he tries his best. :laughing: It ain’t easy being a Cheetah Man. And that is sweet of you to say that. I saw that Koichi-senpai did notice the first post at least. But the almighty Crabigator may not allow Koichi-senpai to include these in the entry pages if they’re making a mockery out of His Holiness. :rofl: Gotta keep the Great One happy.

chatty chatty with the Meister of MSPaint, AmandaBear!


This brings me great joy! :star_struck:
Just do what you need to do and we shall await your next installment on the series. Honestly, please take your time in doing them. We’d rather have you engaged and doing it despite waits in between, rather than you burning out after a few installments because you are now deem it a chore to do them rather than enjoyable :wink:

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I always forget to comment here, but your doodles are so fun! I love the ms paint aesthetic so much

also my goodness you’re level 16 already? so fast !

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@inspectatoro - Meister? You are too kind. XD

@bakugames - Aww, thanks. And you think I’m fast? I thought I was going slower than most. :sweat_smile:

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I really like your artwork and thought it would be fun to have your drawings integrated into WaniKani, so I created a userscript that adds them to the item pages, lessons, and reviews:

Example screenshot of the lesson for the radical "七":

If you don’t feel comfortable with your artwork being used in a userscript, just let me know and I will delete it :slight_smile:


I finally looked at these. Nice work! \(^-^)/

also @Sinyaven, I installed your script, then checked out the pages for levels 1-3. This is just what Wanikani needed!


hehe, this is awesome!

my first enlightened item was tree
*sheds a tear of joy


This art is amazing :smiley: I love it and am very impressed you do this with Paint.


Ohmygosh!!! You used my art in a userscript?!! THANK YOU!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
That just…makes me feel really special. And happy beyond words.
@Sinyaven, you just made my whole day. :purple_heart:

And thank you to everyone else for the lovely comments. :purple_heart: This is the first time I shared any art online and I never knew how much all of your kindness towards my MS Paint doodles would mean to me. E-hugs to everyone.
Now I want to go back to my WaniKani doodles and take a break from my more serious art again. :laughing:


awsome script @Sinyaven ! I was thinking that someone should do that the moment i saw that post @AmandaBear ! Keep up !

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Maybe you want to put @Sinyaven script link in your top post so more users can access it, the drawings and script are too hilarious and useful to be buried in the thread. Hope you won’t get burnt out drawing if you keep going, they must take time to draw.


Oh, another great idea! I’ll link the script!
And I don’t think there’s any chance of burnout. As long as everyone likes them, I’ll keep going. :grin:


Your drawings are so great.
It would be super awesome if you could take some time to make catakana drawings. A set of forty drawing with cats in different poses, that would express the katakana alphabet. Many people seem to have more problems with the katakana, perhaps because they are not exposed to it as much as the hiragana.


Hareagana? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, that too. :slight_smile:


Woah, great work!! I too remember designing characters for Ms.Chou and Jourm as well haha


You are a genius! XD CATakana drawings sounds hilarious.
Although, Tofugu already has a great visual mnemonic series for learning katakana. That’s how I learned, at least. :sweat_smile:

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I learned from their drawings too, but yours are delightful. :slight_smile:

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I absolutely love your artwork!:heart:

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