My time here feels like it falls short of being useful

Full honesty - I don’t want to be discouraging but if you have to do 10-15h a day of work/study already I think you should probably postpone your Japanese learning and just focus on that.

WaniKani it self requires a good amount of dedication to progress at a decant pace, you can do it slowly but quite frankly you probably aren’t going to get super far or to a place where you can actually utilize what you’ve learned by the time your med-school is over. The only thing that’s gonna happen is your JP study will interfere with your med studies and possibly burn you out (even more) by eating into what little recration time you have.
Another issue is that in addition to using WK to learn kanji and vocab you also need to use other resources outside of WK to learn grammar and other aspects of the language, which you clearly have no time for.

I think you should probably focus on the more imporatant part of your life right now which is likely your med studies. Once you’ve finished that come back to learn Japanese at your own laisure when you have more time to spare, you’ll probably see more and faster progress than since you’ll actually be able to give it enough attention.

Obviously it depends on what kind of person you are and what you’re capable of doing with but putting my self in your shoes this is what I would do.

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Do you use WK only in the mornings or do you do reviews mid-day and during the evenings too?

I feel like WaniKani could be good for this if you could do something like skipping the words that aren’t in the Jisho “Common words” list or the Core6k/Core10k (most common 6k/10k words) - which could probably be done with a script, since vocab isn’t necessary to progress in WaniKani and exists solely to reinforce Kanji readings, but I don’t think any script that passes vocabulary exists (yet)?

I love how nonsensical your drawings would be to anyone who hasn’t studied radicals or kanji!!! Like give that artwork to anyone else and im sure you’d get some funny looks :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I would love to draw out some of my problem children but i lack the gift. So good on ya!
It would be so cool is someone did a tiktok channel for some of the wanikani mnemonics