My takeaways from a two-years break and my strategy to get back in

I’ve never missed more than a day or two of reviews (I think the most outstanding reviews I’ve ever faced was around 300) but your plan sounds reasonable to me.

I know all about this, though. I agree that the key is a consistent routine.

While two or more sessions each day might allow you to progress faster, I’ve always done just one review session each morning with my first cup of coffee. It’s definitely a personal preference.

I believe it’s a very good idea to associate your reviews with something you do every day (and ideally also enjoy). You also want to remove every possible impediment, making it as easy as possible to do your reviews: quiet, distraction-free environment, everything out and ready for you with minimal rigmarole (searching for chargers, clearing desk space, whatever). In my case, I can’t have a cup of coffee without at least thinking about my reviews!

Personally, I find mornings better than evenings, though. I’m more alert and if something comes up or I just can’t summon the energy at least I have the rest of the day to try again.

Some script recommendations:

  • I’d STRONGLY recommend installing the ultimate timeline and configuring it to show upcoming reviews by SRS stage for the next 120 days. You want your reviews spread out fairly evenly over the coming days, but with your reset and other factors things might get lumpy. At the very least it will let you know what you’re in for (and when). If reviews are lumped together it will be better NOT to do them all at once.
Mine looks like this:

  • Streak tracking is an incredible motivator. You can do it manually with a physical calendar and marking a big red X through every day you perform at least one review (the goal is all outstanding reviews, but reward yourself with the X whenever you do any). You can also use @Kumirei’s wonderful heatmap script to do the tracking for you automatically.

  • You might also like my Ganbarometer to help manage your workload.